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Original post date October 11, 2018

Inspired by writing prompt #56 write about driving
– enjoy

Hello my Kings & Queens of social media, it’s been awhile since I written a full blown blog & today I am inspired. As I sit here listening to Selena’s “Como La Flor” trying vision what or should I say how I say what’s going on in my head. My co-workers crowned me the Queen of Metaphor to my surprise I’m like ok this is a honor I will enjoy so without further adieu today blog is about you got it my metaphor on life.

Riding in a car driving down a highway of life. On this two lane highway you see the open road ahead is suddenly opening up into a four lane highway. Now overwhelmed with taking responsibility with the mess that is made in what appears to be a state of disarray, you try to take back control. The heart and mind are at odds, beginning a battle that neither wants to lose. So many missed opportunities, too many to count. You feel the crumbling road of concrete rumbling underneath your car, yes it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Looking for a quick exit, you realize this is your life. A series of consequences, you try desperately to navigate this rough road to no avail. On this road you experience self-doubt, self-pity and lack of confidence like fear you can smell this in the stale air. You a free spirit, won’t allow this madness capture you. You learn how to fly, soar high above the clouds although your wings have been clipped your spirit is still intact. The land, this four-lane highway won’t damper your spirit, you don’t need any confirmation to tell you how you are.

Driving down this highway, you see the open road ahead closing down back to a two-lane highway. You just weathered the storm of life. Now your ready for whatever life throws at you.

Remember to be kind and have compassion you never know what’s up ahead at the next turn.


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