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Original post date October 8, 2018

This very short story is inspired by writing prompt #35 write about eyes.

Dancing in the light seeing you for the first time it would seems but these eyes has seen many versions of you. My weary eyes grows tired now. Old and not what they use to be but I still can see you my love dancing in the light. The heaviness falls over these eyes I’m in a fight to keep them open struggling giving it all I can.

I’m scared to close them for I won’t be able to see you my darling dancing in the light. Will you help me not be scared? Tell me how to be where you are, for I have not the heart or the strength to continue this fight. If I close my eyes forever will you be there? These eyes have seen many things but nothing as beautiful as you are my love.


Be Kind💜

Be Creative📑

           Drink Responsibly 🍸🚖🚔

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