Original post date November 15, 2018

We only got one shot at this, we should spend the time sharing this world living in peace because in a blink of an eye all this including the bullshit will be gone. It’s not that hard to be KIND!

If you follow me on social media then you know this is a touchy topic but one that needs to be visited and revisited from time to time. This blog post is about LGBTQ community and what they face in Trump’s America. Now I understand that I said there’s not political chat in my blogs but hell bells this is important topic and as a blogger it’s my duty to share.

Why is the LGBTQ community made out to be the villain? Let’s back up here there’s a plausible explanation here, we all at one point have been a victim of awkwardness. Growing up I didn’t have many friends outside my family or church. It wasn’t until entering Jr High School did I experience what friendship really is and through this I have met some truly incredible people many who I still have a close relationship today, but thinking back we were just a bunch of misfits, social outcast in a sea of beautiful people (the jocks/the popular crowd), in this sea we somehow found each other. Not only did we found each other but we accepted that what made us stand out. We learned to embrace our differences, then High School came. This unified tight group now separated many of us going to different schools and not having that armor that protected us and bound us together. High school was a new HELL a new nightmare so many of us went through a torture that is unspeakable. We are lucky because we didn’t have social media like today if we did many of us would committed suicide I know I would’ve. Being single out everyday for being different isn’t fun. Now take that feeling, the feeling of being a outcast now apply to your life now, being part of the popular crowd remember that feeling of being that outcast now think about the LGBTQ community because that’s exactly what we’re doing.


In Trump’s America given the chance he would clean house or more like drain the swamp. He doesn’t stop to think about how a transgender youth dealing with coming out and what that means as well as dealing with public opinion. Will family and friends still care or love me if I choose to reveal my true self? It’s not easy to live your truth with all is watching. Most transgenders living in silence hiding and those who comes out aren’t as lucky as Kaitlyn Jenner, some choose to end it all by committing suicide. In Trump’s America there’s no room for awkwardly outcasts or misfits as he would say on the elite can survive and why would you want to be like everyone else. Following like mindless robots, why is having compassion such a bad thing?


Many people say being “gay” is unnatural and against God will, really? Here’s my argument how can call yourself a Christian and treat others like shit? I truly believe in my heart and soul that no true God would ever allow any followers to pick and choose who’s better or who deserves a golden ticket to heaven. If God can forgive those who committed the most horrific crimes then he can accept peace loving law-binding Gay citizens after all what does the bible say we all are created in his imagine. It’s not our place to judge, it’s our job to live a life in his imagine with love, understanding, patience, compassion, and empathy. The reality is no one in this country can afford to be prejudice. You can trace every single one of us Americans to other nationalities and most families have gay members. 

Being different is a beautiful thing, embracing our differences is just amazing showing love, kindness and respect can change the world. We should embrace the rainbow of humanity.

We only got one shot at this, we should spend the time sharing this world living in peace because in a blink of an eye all this including the bullshit will be gone. It’s not that hard to be KIND!

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