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And the Oscar Goes Too


Original Post Date: August 8, 2018

Today blog post is inspired by the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences and the bone-head decision to add a new category to gain better ratings and secure more viewership.

Oscars to Launch A New “Popular Film” Category: Article by Jenna Amatulli Huffington Post

And the Oscar goes too…… How many times have we heard that line and thought wow this movie just won for best picture and I never heard of it. I wonder how this is possible especially when there’s great performances in movies like Chris Evan in The Avengers Infinity War (2018) or Henry Cavill in Superman Man of Steel (2013) or Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman (2017) or Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira in Black Panther (2018). You would think that with the late Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) winning the best supporting Oscar, that the Academy would be more open to nominating films of this caliber.

The bone-heads that sits on the Board of Governors are truly out-of-touch with the popular movie goer. The board seems to be blind to the the fact there are plenty of really good scripts from unknown writers to be produced and that these talents should be recognized instead of creating a new category. Popular Movie category is just that, you’re giving an Oscar to a movie that has box office success instead of the merit of the film.

And let’s talk about viewership…….there’s a few reason why viewership has dropped and here’s why:

Speaking of popular movies please explain how could a brilliantly put together movie like Dunkirk (2017) the highest grossing World War II movie surpassing Saving Private Ryan losses to a movie about a mute lady who falls in love with a mute lizard-man? Not to mention that Christopher Nolan one of the best directors around he hasn’t won an Oscar and only been nominated once is just asinine.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure this out, the Academy doesn’t need to add more categories, just be sensible when presenting movies to the members of the Academy for voting.

That’s All.

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