GUEST BLOG: Meet Tony Burgess; Making and Maintaining Connections

Original Post Date: November 6, 2019


Hello all you masters or words, today’s blog post is inspired by my blogging friend Tony Burgess. The Tony Burgess Blog is a remarkable blogging site. Tony’s writings are interesting, intriguing, funny and full of information. Using his blog as his online voice, Tony encourage bloggers to be authentic, honest and real. This weekend while playing jetsetter, I got an intimate reading of Tony’s authenticity blog titled “Making and Maintaining Connections.” Making and Maintaining Connections talks about having meaningful relationships and how to make these connections last on a personal level. This blog post really get you to think about how to achieve a healthy relationship. Follow Tony on social media and follow his blog don’t forget to subscribe.

2 thoughts on “GUEST BLOG: Meet Tony Burgess; Making and Maintaining Connections

  1. Great feature on Tony 💕 It is so true though. I use to never want to be home alone. Always wanted to be out. Now, I love being home & social media has connection me to some awesome friendships (Sunny included💕)

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