There’s not a person on this planet that don’t have some type of social media account. Whether it’s Twitter or YouTube chances are even great grandma is being followed on some form of social media.  Over the past twenty years, social media has made a huge impact in our lives. Social Media gives us the opportunity to show support in ways never seen before. With social media we can promote, connect and influence the masses. I can’t think of a bigger platform to use for getting your message across then social media.

With that being said, there’s a movement that takes place every Friday.  This movement shares promotion, connection and influence in a positive light. That movement is “Follow Fridays”.  What exactly is Follow Fridays (#FF)? Every Friday using the hashtag #FF you the subscriber or follower can promote your favorite artists, authors, bloggers and social media influencers.  Follow Friday is by far my favorite sport on social media. Why? because it promotes positivity instead of bad behaviors while introducing people we normally wouldn’t know about. For the month of January I will be showcasing various artists, writers, bloggers and influencers you should be following starting with these awesome influencers.

Catherine Mellen: Is writer, author and creator of Shatter The Silence/A Life Given To Me that tells the story of her life struggle with childhood abuse and trauma. Catherine is a published author pinning Survivor’s Mind, A Childhood Tragedy Under A Mother’s Watch and books of poems Christmas In Poetry Land and Survivor’s Mind: When Childhood Trauma and Poetry Collide. As an advocator for childhood abuse, Catherine has appeared on several Youtube series telling her story in the hopes that someone will be moved to take action to better their situation by seeking help. When Catherine is not advocating, she loves to spend time with her daughter and grand children. As a native of Lowell Massachusetts and proud of her Irish heritage, Catherine loves long walks through her community and journaling. Here’s an example of what Catherine has to offer: A Mother I Never Had

Latisha Porter:  Writer and creator of an inspirational blog dedicated to helping you live a more fulfilling life. Latisha has a passion for writing and encouraging others to do better. Latisha offers free journal prompts for times when you need a boost and free affirmation for when you a positive uplift. Latisha hopes you enjoy her perspective on life and find the strength to overcome any obstacle. Believe in yourself today, tomorrow and forever is her moto! Here’s a sample of what Latisha has to offer. “Healing From The Inside Out.”

Kristian Weigman:  Creator of Life Lessons From Around the Dinner Table live simply, love deeply and dine well. Kristian has a unique perspective on life as seen on her bucket list. Her passion doesn’t stop there she has a creative way for writing intriguing works. Kristian is a hopeless romantic, an old soul with a free spirit. Few of her favorite things are family, cooking, playing and listening to music and watching classic films. Her writings are about sharing life’s joys, heartaches and passions. Here’s a sample of Kristian has to offer “What A Wonderful World”.

Tony Burgress: Creator of blog The Tony Burgress Blog. Tony has a unique blogging philosophy of
-Be the star of your own blog.
-Get inspired by fellow bloggers.
-Use the world around you for material.
-Make blogging fun.
Keep on blogging.
Tony blogs chromicize both his serious and silly aspect of his life. Tony and his beautiful wife Laura are active members of The Episcopal Church and share a life of love and peace. Tony brings a positive vibe to any and every situation. Here’s a example of what Tony has to offer: Being Woke

John Poehler: Creator and a award winning advocate for those living with bipolar disorder. John founded “The Bipolar Battle, Inc” in February 2021 a non-profit origination. John is a published author with his first book This War Within My Mind that gives a unique perspective on the challenges of people struggling with mental health. John is the host of the weekly podcast The Bipolar Battle Podcast. Here’s an example of what John has to offer: The A-Z’s of BP

Craig Hoffman: Is known for his award winning blog “GREY, GRIZZLED, AND GAIJIN. Craig Is one of the most prolific bloggers, writers and essayists in Japan today. A must-read for fans of the country, Japanese food and life abroad. As a writer, Craig has published articles on Japanese life and culture published both in Japanese and English. Craig has written more than 2,000 blog posts. Craig has been named as a semi-finalist in an International Poetry Competition. Beside writing, Craig enjoys performing as an vocalist. Craig has performed in clubs, bars and jazz festivals across Japan and Europe. Here’s example of what Craig has to offer: Craig-730 On The Last Day of Vacation

Thank you to Catherine, Latisha, Kristian, Tony, John and Craig for their continued support of the blogging community. Thank you for sharing and inspiring.

Influencers featured in today blog are…..

Catherine Mellen

Latisha Porter

Kristian Weigman

Tony Burgress

John Peohler

Craig Hoffman

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  1. Thank you so much Sunny 💞💞 I appreciate all you do. Your encouragement, praise,love and friendship is an inspiring bright light on and off of social media. Thank you for being the talented, beautiful, inspiring you 🦋❤

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