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Christmas is that time of year where everything feels nice and cozy. People tend to be in a better mood. Yes of course there’s those who are a drag & those who are crooks but for the most part Christmas brings out that inner playful kid in all of us. Beside the rush of tackling the Christmas shopping, black Friday & cyber Monday preparing Christmas dinner is on everyone minds. As I put together my Christmas dinner menu, I got to thinking if I could have the ultimate Christmas dinner who would I invite as dinner guests? 



There’s nothing worse than having dinner guests with no sense of humor, no spark, no drive & no ability to carry on an intelligent conversation. I put my brain cells to work who would I add to my guest list? I based my decision on a few factors; Sense of Humor, an important trait to have. It’s quite refreshing to be able to laugh at oneself not take things too seriously.  Intelligence, well this trait is a no brainer. No one wants guest who can’t put two sentences together or have the brain cells not to carry a conversation. Personality, this quality is tricky because to understand one personality you have to know the person I mean really know them in this case I don’t have a personal connection. My decision is strictly based upon interviews, Wikipedia bio page, social media accounts & how they present themselves to the world.



My first guest is Colin Hay of Men At Work. Colin is one-fifth of the classic eighties band Men At Work, he’s responsible for chart toppers Who Can It Be Now, Down Under & Overkill.  Now as a successful solo artist, Colin has lived a life that is very interesting. Colin has been around the block a few times & came back with some unique stories as told in his interview with Howard Stern, he mention some of those fun stories like his connection to Lady Ga Ga, famed Beatles Paul McCarthy unexpectedly showing up at his house and being on the road with his former band Men At Work and currently touring with another famed Beatles Ringo Star. Colin has an intriguing way of telling these stories and it’s this very reason why he’s gets an invite to my dinner table.

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My second guest is Joe Elliott of Def Leppard. With hit’s like “Pour Some Sugar On Me & Photograph” Joe knows how to belt out these fan favorites. It’s not his singing ability that gets him an invite, it’s his sense of humor. It’s true Joe is one of the driving force behind Def Leppard experiencing his good friend and fellow band mate Steve Clark’s death in early nineties and dealing with the accident that would take drummer’s Rick Allen’s arm and personal issues through it all Joe somehow manage to maintain that funny dry British sense of humor that many have come to appreciate. You can see this humor in his interviews one in particularly on Howard Stern show doing a promotional tour stopping by to say hi Joe cracked jokes on just about everything including his pending divorce. Yes Joe can be a little controversial but it’s unintentional all in all he’s a great guy to pal around with. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and he knows how to bring it and how to have a good time.

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My third guest is a known for her “Cocktail Time” and it’s this very reason why she gets an invite to my table. The hardest working Food Network star Sandra Lee not only can make an eloquent meal in seconds, Sandra is also a crazy decorator. She’s really good at multi-tasking but it’s her ability to throw down on a cool cocktail served up with a smile that get the fans going. Can you imagine Miss Sandra walking in with a tray full of extra dry dirty martini with her own special twist uttering that famous line “It’s Cocktail Time”. How can anyone go wrong with that? Sandra Lee is one amazing lady that can class up anything situation thrown her way.

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My fourth guest needs no introduction.  She’s known as Howard Stern sidekick but she’s no sidekick. If you ever listen to the Howard Stern Show you know that Robin Quivers is the moral compass, the voice of reason and she brings a certain elegant style to the show that most fans appreciate.  Robin is made up of thick skin she’s a cancer survivor and a survivor of child abuse. She has to be tough working in an office full of guys who seem to focus on one thing. It’s not so much her toughness that gets her an invitation to my table it’s that voice of reasoning she possesses. Ever so kind ever so funny she knows how to reign people in and with this group of guests we need someone of that nature.  She is a vet, a former news woman, a socialite, a jack of all trades with her own wild stories to tell makes an interesting guest.

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My fifth guest she has several number hits over the course of a forty-year period.  She’s an Oscar winner, she has a play and a world ending tour that seemingly keeps on going. She make riding a horse half-naked hot, sexy and fun I mean really Cher needs no intro.  Let’s face it Cher is hands down the bees knees and who on earth wouldn’t want Cher at their dinner table. She’s beautiful, talented, funny and a great story-teller. I would spend the time talking about her fashion choices. asking dumb questions like “what was it like working Bob Mackie?” or “How cold were you in Turn Back Time video?”. I would just fill up with Cher.  It’s Cher what can I say.

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Franz Ferdinand Visits MTV Canada "MTV Live" on December 5, 2008

And now to my last guest, last but certainly not the least. This choice was the most difficult because I love this band and all members.  Each member have a quality that would get em a seat, however, for the purpose of this blog seating is limited and when in doubt go with the front-man that’s Alex Kapranos. Alex is highly intelligent bit of a book nerd being an accomplished author, very talented artist, one would say he’s a jack of all traits.  These traits are in part a reason to have him as a guest but it’s his funny witty sense of humor that wins out.  The guy is just funny.  If you follow Alex on his social media accounts you’ll see just how funny he can be.  Other traits Alex has is he’s friendly, love to connect with fans, a total people person which is why I choose him for this dinner party.  He even coined a catch phrase #probablynotbye for those who can be a bit annoying but all in all he’s a great guy .

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There it is my ultimate Christmas dinner guests. Who would you invite? Care to share.

Any feedback is always welcome.


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