Badass Blogger Award


Hello all your champions of words, today I’m excited and humbled to be a nominee of the “Badass Blogger Award”. This nomination comes from a fellow blogger who creates beautiful words of inspiration Latisha of Renew Inspiration. It’s always a happy surprise to have bloggers use their platform to create awards recognizing other writers in the blogging community.

Badass Blogger Award and Creator

The “Badass Blogger Award” is a creation of Katie, the creator of the Dating Bitch website. Katie created this award to shine the spotlight on interesting and intriguing writers of the blogging community. Inspiring a support system within the blogging community. Thank you Katie for being such a Badass.

Appreciation and Thank You

Thank you Latisha for using your platform to not only inspire bloggers to continue on their journey but always spreading love and light. Your support to the blogging community is priceless.

And a personal thank you for the nomination. To read Latisha beautiful words check out her blog (Renew Inspiration). Follow Latisha on twitter (@renewa_lporter08)

The Rules

  • List the rules and display the award logo in your post.
  • Mention the creator and link back to the original blog post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you (and link back to their post).
  • List 3 things about you that make you a badass.
  • Answer your nominator’s 6 questions (so, there will be a total of 7 questions).
  • Create 6 new questions of your own.
  • Nominate 7 more badass bloggers and notify them of their win.

Latisha’s Questions

  • List 3 things that make you a badass.
  • What is it that makes you who you are?
  • Why do you enjoy writing blogs?
  • Do you consider yourself a unique blogger? Why or why not?
  • Where do you find inspiration?
  • What do you believe stands between you and complete happiness?
  • What’s something you think every person should experience in their lifetime?

My Answers

  • Having Compassion, Knowing my self-worth, Having Faith.
  • Having the strength and passion that comes from being loved. My mother taught me how to stand, how love, how to accept and patience. Giving me faith in my abilities to succeed on my terms.
  • I enjoy writing because it’s an outlet for all the pint-up frustration I feel on a daily basis and away to express the frustration of struggling with bipolar disorder.
  • No I don’t consider my blog or my writing unique in anyway. I just blog about my disorder and hope that my words find a home with others who is struggling but don’t know how or have the tools to take that first step.
  • I’m going to sound a bit Jedi-ish inspiration comes from everywhere. Inspiration is love, compassion, determination, anger and a simple grin. To be inspired is to be open.
  • The only road block to happiness is ME! I control my destiny. I control my life. It’s up to me to make the choice to be happy.
  • Montreal, Canada.

My Nominees

Al @AlBellGetsIt (The Watering Whole)
Brie @BrieCayne (Brie Lily Cayne)
Catherine @Irishgirl692 (Shatter The Silence)
Craig @CraigHoffman11 (GREY, GRIZZLED, AND GAIJIN)
John @BipolarBattle (The Bipolar Battle)
Mary @MaryBlyeKramer (Mary Blye Kramer)
Teresa Terry Jefferies @JefferiesTerry (JOYS, BLESSINGS, AND POETRY)
Tony @tonyburgess1969 (The Tony Burgess Blog)

My Questions

  • List 3 things that makes you a Badass.
  • Why is blogging important to you?
  • What was the hardest blog you had to write?
  • If you could write about a funny encounter, what would be the first sentence? (using 7 words or less)
  • If your celebrity crush is your muse who would that person be and why?
  • Who would you choose to have Sunday brunch with The Mandalorian/Baby Yoda or Luke Skywalker/Yoda?
  • Your drink of choice TEA or COFFEE and why?

Thank you again Latisha for the nomination and to my nominees congratulations! I can’t wait to read your responses.

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