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Breaking news a second victim has come out against Jared Leisek of Adventure With A Purpose accusing him of rape. His younger sister Chessica made numerous statements on her social media claiming that she too is a victim. Chessica claims that her older brother Jared sexually assaulted her when she was younger. Not only is this her claim but she is slamming her family and the church of Mormon for covering up and siding with her abuser. Chessica is encouraging others who have been assaulted by Jared to come forth and tell their story. Stating the state of Utah has lifted their statute of limitations for rape and now is the time to speak your truth. This information came to light as Jared the former youtube influencer and founder of Adventure With A Purposed is indicated on 2 felony counts of rape of a minor under the age of 12. If convicted he can serve anywhere between 5  years to life.



Chessica stated that this dialog started when she heard from her mother who informed her via text that her grandpa passed away. Up until that point according to Chessica she had heard from her family for years. She goes on to say that she was shunned at the age of 14 as a result of this alleged sexual abuse from her brother Jared. The family was upset that police were called and involved and blamed her solely for what happened. She goes on to explain in detail what happened to her and what led her to be homeless and live the life on the streets eventually find Christianity and becoming a reborn Christian.



August 1: Just want to publicly announce that I am awesome because I took what I learned growing up and tried to be the exact opposite. #LeisekLife

August 10: First message I received this morning was from the son of the first adult that raped me. It seems as if the family is getting scared and they are now trying to slander me and scare me into keeping my mouth shut…AGAIN! It’s not going to work. Our family is Sick and I’m not a kid that you can throw to the wolves anymore. I’m a wolf now and I will not back down! I feel Joan of Arc running through my veins. Always have and always will. My life is in danger at this point and I’m not scared. I will die a martyr if that is my path.

September 14: I got an order today to deliver to Jared L. on the outskirts of Redmond, Oregon. Delivery instructions said go through the green gate and go to the house. When I pulled up to the electric gate it started closing so I parked and got out of my vehicle with the order as I saw a man in the distance walking up the driveway.It was my older brother Jared Leisek who started screaming Fuck You Chessica! No Jared, you can’t fuck me anymore you psycho piece of shit. You knew who had your order and was driving all the way out there.Don’t be mad at me for supporting people who want to put you away, be mad at yourself for the things you have done to others. I might have been the first one you sexually assaulted but I was far from the last.You’re not a hero like others may think. You’re a narcissistic piece of shit that’s about to go down for your own actions!I’m not afraid of you like others are. You can’t brainwash me like you have done to others. You made your bed and now it’s time for you to toss and turn and lose some sleep over your own actions.It’s only a matter of time that the truth of Jared Leisek is revealed. Thanks for showing your face today. Now we know where to send the police.I did one more delivery that day and then went home. The next day when I went to work and tried to clock in… I was not able to as I was fired. He made a false report to my employer. Thanks Jared. I make twice as much at my new job and they are willing to protect me unlike the job you had me fired from.


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