Hello my name is Misery have we met? Many of us have met Misery at some point in our lives. Misery can be a dangerous path to follow. Just because Misery loves company doesn’t mean you have to accept the invite. I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, music lover and martini admirer. My writings are about… Read more

  • Def Leppard Tour – Latest Information

    Def Leppard Tour – Latest Information

    Check out Def Leppard latest Tour 2018 (click here for ticket information) Read more

  • MOURNING – A Soul Sister’s Story

    MOURNING – A Soul Sister’s Story

    When we think of mourning we think of death in the physical world but there are many reasons why people mourn. Mourning the lost of a relationship is what this blog is about.… Read More MOURNING – A Soul Sister’s Story Read more

  • Dear Aretha

    Dear Aretha; Today as the world mourns your passing, we also celebrate your life your legacy. Unfortunately we only realize the impact of a person when they’re gone and the impact you left is unwavering. You have touched so many lives in ways you can not imagine. You became a powerful voice of a generation…… Read more

  • Reboots

    Reboots can mean many different things.  Rebooting can mean changing a certain aspect of your life OR the most common meaning of reboots is referring to remaking of TV shows, movies and music. Reboots can also mean projecting a need a person is lacking in their lives. Read more

  • Garda Síochána “Guardian of the Peace”

    Inspiration comes on all forms and today blog post is inspired by doing something so natural TV binge watching. I been doing a lot of that lately on Netflix catching up on my British telly as they say and I notice something very unusual, well unusual for us Americans and that is on British telly…… Read more