Meet SunnyLarue

Sonya 1983Hello, let me introduce myself I am Sunny Larue “the Professional Martini Drinking Blogger” & creator of this website & the former owner of Miss Beasley doll.  I was given the title of “the Professional Martini Drinking Blogger” because I am very good at drinking martini’s, after a few I get super duper uber excited then I start to exercise my big fat loud mouth which always gets me into trouble.  My pals suggested I create a blogging website as an outlet & here we are.

blah-blah-blahMy blogs are about NOTHING really.  Just good entertaining opinions, my over-the-top point of view on everything from what’s trending OR what’s going on in my big oval-sized head, pretty much everything I find worthy to give a sh*t about.  This is what makes my blogs different and unique, unlike the others blah, blah blah bullsh*t nonsense blogs.  Hey I’m honest at keeping it 100% real.

do-not-feed-the-trollsYou will NOT find any political or religion blog posts here because everyone beliefs are different & people just can’t seem to respectfully disagree.  People gets too passionate losing their f*cking minds, we have enough media TROLLS.  Life is hard & one shouldn’t take themselves too serious.  I live in the moment or what I call “life-moments”.  It’s these life-moments whether good, bad or indifferent I like sharing.  Your feedback is most welcome, all I ask is that you be respectful.

Now that you dived into my world, I hope you got a sense of the person behind the blogs.  Again your opinion is highly valued so please leave comments.  Still INTRIGUED? please follow me on social media.  I’m on all platforms my handle is @sunnylarue17 I promise you will not be disappointed.  Look for my YouTube channel launching summer 2018 and podcast launching fall 2018.

Thank you for stopping by, hope to see you again.


Sunny Larue