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NETFLIX 40 Binge-Worthy Shows To Add To Your Watch List

Hello all you warriors of words, with all the things going on in everyday life it’s cool to take some time and sit spending the weekend binge watching TV. There’s so many streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and HBO its hard to pick what service to watch. Hulu offers great shows like Handmaid’s Tale or HBO’s Games of Thrones and Amazon’s Good Omens and so many different shows TV watching has become more difficult.



I got you covered. For the past few weekends I spent the time binge watching a lot of TV. This blog will focus on Netflix and their programming. Here’s a few things you need to know before we get started with the list. Netflix is like all streaming service requires a membership to view its contents. Currently Netflix is running a 30 day free trial period. I highly recommend taking advantage of this. After the trial period is up, you can opt out by cancelling or you can opt in and subscribe to one of three plans.

BASIC – Stream on 1 screen. Download content on 1 device. No HD or Ultra HD available. $8.99 monthly

STANDARD – Stream on 2 screens. Download content on 2 devices. HD available. $12.99 monthly

PREMIUM – Steam on 4 screens. Download content on 4 devices. HD and Ultra Hd available. $15.99 monthly

If you aren’t sure on which plans to go with start with the “Basic” you can always upgrade.


Netflix’s shows like Stranger Things, Bodyguard, 13 Reasons Why, Black Mirror and Peaky Blinders will not be apart of this list because the publicity these shows received, it’s a no-brainer type deal. Again all great shows, this list is about shows that you probably haven’t heard or scroll through not being interesting. Trust me when I say these shows are binge-watch worthy.



I compiled this list not in any particular order on that I truly enjoyed watching these shows. I put the list in alphabetical order. Most of the shows are from different countries, many will have closed caption and or dubbed voices. Either way you can’t walk away without watching.

1. 6 Days

2. 22 July

3. A Young Doctor’s Notebook

4. Bad Blood

5. Broadchurch

6. Close

7. Damnation

8. World’s Most Dangerous Roads

9. Dark

10. Death Note

11. Dismissed

12. Doctor Foster

13. Ex Machina

14. Gerald’s Game

15. Godzilla Planet of the Monsters

16. How It Ends

17. Kiss Me First

18. London Spy

19. Love, Death & Robots

20. Mudbound

21. Mute

22. OA

23. Occupied

24. Occupation

25. River

26. Russian Doll

28. Secret City

29. Slasher

30. Tau

31. The Code

32. The Day Will Come

33. The Five

34. The Good Cop (cancelled)

35. The Miami Showband Massacre

36. The Rain

37. The Umbrella Academy

38. Ultraman

39. What Happened to Monday

40. You

Well there you have it. My top 40 list to binge-watch on Netflix. What are some of your favorites? Please share in the comment box.
Until next time….



Hello all you masters and mistress of words, today blog post comes curiosity one of my favorite artists “KT Tunstall” the ultimate Rockstar. In fact, when I reference “rockstar” as a good gesture, KT is the inspiration for that. For the past week I been dealing with the after affects of my manic-depressive episode or my “Chum”. Dammit man the struggle is real; in this manic state I find comfort in music. Going back to something so familiar and close to home it’s like chicken soup for the soul. I have a playlist that is comprised of my favorite artists with songs that have positive vibes or happy memories that brings me home. KT’s music is a big part of that.

WAX” released fall 2018




Hello, usually I would start my blogs off with some kind of clever intro but I decided against that today because what I have to say needs no clever intro. I am reminded of how vocal I use to be on social media when it comes to our local (Los Angeles County), state (California) and federal government (US). I been accused of being particular harsh when it comes to Mr. Trump his administration and his policies. I decided not to indulge in politics on social media only because people can’t just have a respectful conversation. I am of the belief that if you’re not happy with the system do your part to change it. This is true in every aspect of life. My way of dealing with the frustration of what’s going is to have healthy discussions and eventually voting. If you don’t vote them you don’t have any right to complain right? Lately I notice the down right nasty behavior has definitely left a horrible taste in my mouth.


Not everyone will see eye to eye, people it’s okay to disagree. We are not robots, we have our own outlook on life which is great that’s the beauty of being human, however, when people get so passionate about their issues trying to convince me that their side is right, that passion turns into aggression. Now locked in a battle of nonsense the only thing left is to start with the insults. The beauty of have a productive conversation is lost on yelling, screaming and name calling. At this point I just tune out stop listening and there is the problem. When people can’t communicate, can’t articulate and stop listening nothing gets accomplished. All we’re left with is hurt feelings and unresolve.


Our country in the such a divide, we stopped listening, instead we go on the attack trying desperately to prove a point. I learned this lesson with dealing with Trump supporters. I won’t go into much details only to say the conversation got heated resulting in this Trump supporter releasing the kraken. It was suggested that I delete my social media accounts and start a new. The death threats were too many and started affecting my family at that point they too had to delete their social media accounts. For me and my family the experience was disheartening. I had my social media accounts for years building up a following only to see it knocked down by a group of trolls who hides behind a computer screen.


Let me be crystal clear, I choose to use my new social media accounts for my blogging, marketing for my blogs and to showcase other bloggers, writers to spread positive vibes. Its rare that I would comment on politics but if and when I do, I would ask if you don’t agree please be respectful in your response or just simply don’t response and keep on scrolling.


No, my voice isn’t silent. My voice is more cautious to the outside world.
That’s All.

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Greetings all you youthful wizards or words, today is a beautiful day in the SoCal. Partly cloudy with a nice brisk breeze which is putting me in a delightful creative writing mood. Today I posted on my twitter account (sunnylarue17) that I don’t block or mute any conversations unless pissed off because all conversations good or bad are inspiring with that being said today’s blog is inspired by a popular tweet gifted from the one and only Kim K. West.


Kim K has no limits to the power she processes. First she was able to work his magic on getting getting Alice Marie Johnson free from prison and now she’s flexing her muscles on the fast food chain Jack In The Box. Apparently displeased with a visit the social media queen took to twitter to express her disliking. In her tweet she refuses to put the fast food giant on blast only saying “I have a serious complaint but I won’t fully put you on blast, check your corporate email inbox or send me a DM with direct person for my team to contact. Pronto!”



The fact that Kim K wants a representative from Jack In The Box to contact her “team” is brilliantly comical but what makes this tweet laughable is the fact the Kim took the time to write out her complaint in a form of an email send it to the corporate headquarters. Then goes on twitter demanding Jack and or his people to read said email. One can speculate that Kim even crafted said email after all she has a “team” and maybe one of her “team” members wrote the letter I guess it doesn’t matter because true to form the fast food giant quickly responded with; “Hi Kim, we are unable to DM you. Please send us a DM with how we can get in touch with your team & someone will reach out immediately.” Now that’s POWER!


Ceasing on the opportunity to tap into Kim K massive twitter followers other fast food giants like “Wendy’s”, “Carl Jr”, “Steak-Umm” and Burger King took aim at revival Jack In The Box post a slew of comical tweets;


Kim tweet is even trending on news outlets like Fox News, Bloomberg, and Newsweek. Kim K is the only celebrity that can Trump, Trump as we see with this latest publicity stunt. Nevertheless, its a good little vacay from the serious complaints of the world like the impending war with Iraq or the trade war with China or the new strict laws of abortion in the South or the war on the border and of course gun control. Thank you Kim K for giving us the gift that keeps on giving and making us feel so happy about our little everyday lives.


And the drama continues……..

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SURVIVING THE CHAOS, Warning Signs of Bipolar Depression

Hello all you masters of words, today I’m feeling a bit down and under the weather.  This week has been very tough in fact, this month has been very tough.  I feel like my words aren’t being heard and I’m falling deeper into my depression.  I put on a brave face, its all an act.  Whenever someone ask how I am doing my generic response is “I’m doing just fine” clearly not true. I should get the Academy Award for best fake-smile. I’m far from being fine. I’m far from being normal, I mean what is normal?  The truth is I’m scared, I feel beat-up and I’m worn-out.  I am terrified of the things I can’t control.  I blogged about this before where there’s such anxiety of things that haven’t happened that I spend weeks trying to control. It’s like your on a train the deer on the track you see it but this little time to react. Just buckle up and hope for the best.  I’m so worn-out I been play at this game with a defeater’s attitude.  The constant fighting is wearing me down, trying to be everything to everyone.  Struggling is a term that is often used when describing an bipolar depression episode, however, I am beyond struggling I’m drowning. No rock I can crawl under will help hide the pain I am in. 


The Difference Between Sadness & Depression

Sadness vs Depression: Most people who don’t understand the difference between depression and sadness often get the two confused. It’s very difficult to articulate what an episode is like. When you are in the grips of a full on bipolar episode it’s difficult to navigate the muddy waters of dangerous.  These dangerous waters consists of emotions of feeling angry, helpless, guilt and for some ending it all.  When you are sad you get a little down but you are able to bounce back. Depression is quite the opposite. Your dealing with multitude of emotions all at once and your whole being can’t quite get a grip on reality.  Basicly is like a skydriver taking that jump confident the shoot will open only realizing halfway down your in trouble and there’s no one there to help break the fall. This is how I been feeling lately.  This feeling is what I call the uncontrollable factor.


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