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Learning to live @ 40something

That feeling of finally finding the one you trust and the love of your life, your absolute soul mate is wonderful. I can vouch they do exist. It is not fiction or fairytale, although sometimes I’m lucky enough to think it is. The fear of ruining it, losing it to Bipolar and it taking away everything, sucking out the fun, love and breath of fresh air this man brings to my life.

My inner bitch telling me I am not good enough for this man, that I’m punching way above my weight here.

Let me introduce you to Hubby, he’s a mans man, a proper man all manly with a beard and big strong shoulders and arms, the kind that wrap around you and protect you from the world. He is tall and drop dead gorgeous, he has an ass to die for I could look at for hours! He…

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Meet February 2019 FEATURED BLOGGERS

Hello all you Kings and Queens of the blogging world.  I been blogging for quite sometime and have seen many different genres of blogging from food, automotive to lifestyle.  So many brilliantly inspiring bloggers and because of this I was inspired to showcase these bloggers writings.  It’s hard to ignore these featured bloggers writings, their material possess such gripping, chilling, intriguing and active thought process.  As I have grown to known these wizards of words, their material has touched my soul.  Once you get to know their works you will to experience their joy, pain, laughter and beauty.  It’s with great pleasure I introduce to you this month featured bloggers.

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Blocking Your Blessings

Source: Blocking Your Blessings


Bestie Talks Blog is about empowering women, lifestyle and just a fun website to view.  Jessica and Raynita best friends who share a love of yoga, healthy eating and fashion tackles life moments together. No afraid to dive head on with strong topics like “How Can She Be a Bitch if You Don’t Even Know Her?” featured on (Bitch It Out), challenging women to be better.  Their approach to blogging is intriguing, interesting and refreshing. This is why I choose them as featured bloggers.

“When opportunities to better yourself or your life arise and you don’t take them, you are blocking your blessings!” (view here)

For more information please drop their website BestieTalkBlog make sure you subscribe. Don’t forget to follow them on social media just click on the links below.