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Today is the start of another work week.  I been having such anger and I know why.  It’s getting harder for me to function and my chipper happy-go-lucky self has all but disappeared.  I feel so alone even though I’m standing in a plaza filled with people. My Chum and his band mates are knocking at the stage door demanding I should let them in.  It’s a concert I don’t want to attend.  I’m having difficulty expressing these range of emotions.  I see the signs, you know to stay positive in the darkness even my candy wrapper has a positive message “Be fearlessly authentic” really?


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The loving kind


It’s that time of year again when the world is filled with reminders of “love”.

Actually, that “love” is a complete lie. It’s not real is it?

Essentially, the shops are filled with reminders to buy things.

Cards, chocolates, flowers, stuffed toys, or if you’re Marks and Spencer, a love heart shaped sausage.

Show someone you love them by buying them something. That’s what we’re being told isn’t it?

I’ve always got a bit annoyed about it all because at a very basic level I don’t like being told what to do.

Over and above that, a stuffed rabbit holding a love heart won’t make me feel more or less loved. And anyone who spends £50 on a bouquet of roses is actually insane.

It’s commercialism and a con. Forced.

Love does not come from the thing that’s been bought, but it comes from the act of giving the thing.

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Today is Wed a hump day which is generally my favorite day of the week simply because I can say “Hump Day” and no one will get offended.  Today been a busy day at my paying job.  Looking around the office I noticing the colors a bright yellow, pink & green which is all good colors good sign and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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