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“You knock me out like a wrecking crew
I’m back on my feet and all over you
Faster than I’ve ever been before”

“All Time High”

It’s Friday and I’m still feeling the pressure.  This week has been brutal.  I’m still reeling from my meltdown and now I’m getting pressure from work.  This co-worker is notorious for doing this to me.  He waits until the last possible minute then gives me work saying he needs ASAP.  That’s the thing about working at this firm they don’t teach you anything it’s a crash and burn situation.  





“I don’t allow myself to be human therefore my feelings of hurt, frustration and anger don’t have any value.  This process invalidates me as a person. That’s the one thing I truly dislike about myself.”

download (1)Yesterday my Chum paid me a visit.  True to rock star form, my Chum wasn’t alone.  This time Chum brought band mates Manic, Doubt and Panic. Together this dynamic foursome tore the hotel room apart. It was a complete meltdown to the point I had to call my safe person who always pulls me back from the ledge. My meltdown was beyond hitting my trigger the red brick wall, I ran smack dead into it, through it and over the edge.  Hanging on by the grip of my fingers I placed the call. I haven’t had that kind of breakdown in a while. My problem is I let things build up until I blow my top a trait I’m working on overcoming, however, I did see this one coming.  At this point lacking control, there’s really little to do. I buckled up, stayed on the run-away train bracing for the wreck and hoping for the best.


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“My head feels like a monopoly game rolling the dice rounding go collecting two-hundred dollars hoping not to land on Boardwalk or Park Place” 


Hello all you wonderful wizards of words, today blog post may not be as witty, or funny as past post. I don’t have any smart words of wisdom or no clever intriguing headlines. Nope just me just a stripped down to the core, me raw and real no makeup, no mask nothing to hide. I don’t know why I’m inclined to go down this road, it’ pure insanity but there’s a purpose behind the madness really only one of inspiration.  In this blog I will touch upon somethings that have trigger my little Chum.  Yes folks we’re going to jump around but I promise you once you’re off the merry-go-round you will fully understand my thinking process.


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