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“My head feels like a monopoly game rolling the dice rounding go collecting two-hundred dollars hoping not to land on Boardwalk or Park Place” 


Hello all you wonderful wizards of words, today blog post may not be as witty, or funny as past post. I don’t have any smart words of wisdom or no clever intriguing headlines. Nope just me just a stripped down to the core, me raw and real no makeup, no mask nothing to hide. I don’t know why I’m inclined to go down this road, it’ pure insanity but there’s a purpose behind the madness really only one of inspiration.  In this blog I will touch upon somethings that have trigger my little Chum.  Yes folks we’re going to jump around but I promise you once you’re off the merry-go-round you will fully understand my thinking process.


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“The Stigma of Depression” Ashley Laderer

Today I feel the weight of the world crashing down on me like a ton of bricks. This heaviness is like an underdog wrestler pinning down an opponent winning the match.  Unlike the wrestler, this is a match I won’t win today.  This weight slowly grows & morphing into an uncontrollable desperation. Some days this desperation is far off in the distant allowing me tiny bit of joy but today this desperation I often refer to as “my chum” is here to stay.  


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This short is dedicated to you my beautiful babies Joshy, MoMo, Little Steve, Jay-Bird, NoNo, Mara & Monie who aren’t shy to be bold & to dream big reaching the stars & beyond. May your light grow brighter & shine bigger. I love you to the moon & back & beyond.


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Today I walked into life with a new sense of hope.  Yesterday I cried longing for a past that was devastating carrying the scent of you.  Yesterday I closed my eyes & dreamed of a life with you.  Today I opened those eyes no longer trapped in what you appeared to be.  Yesterday I danced on the ledge contemplating a jump in the hopes you finally see me & not through. Today I walked into my new life with clear picture of who I am.  

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Don’t bother trying fix me I’m broken. I’m not broken from what you did to me but broken from what I allowed. I cannot control your view of me I, however, can control my reaction to your twisted distorted world.


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