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Kim Zolciak-Biermann
Don’t Be Tardy For The Party


Hello all you rockers of words, today blog is inspired by fun. I thought it would be fun to share some favorite musical acts from the world or reality. There was a time I was a reality TV blogger. I enjoyed the angle of reality TV which we all discovered isn’t quite real. My top shows to indulge in are Real Housewives of…., Married to Medicine, The Next Top Model and Making The Model. With all kinds of craziness floating around the universe I thought it would be fun if we get an giggle out of reality stars and their short lived music. Enough fanfare I now give you my top list of reality stars musical acts.


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NETFLIX 40 Binge-Worthy Shows To Add To Your Watch List

Hello all you warriors of words, with all the things going on in everyday life it’s cool to take some time and sit spending the weekend binge watching TV. There’s so many streaming services like Hulu, Amazon and HBO its hard to pick what service to watch. Hulu offers great shows like Handmaid’s Tale or HBO’s Games of Thrones and Amazon’s Good Omens and so many different shows TV watching has become more difficult.


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JESSICA JONES Season Three Review

Hello all you beautiful bloggers, writers, reviewers and souls of words today post is my first review on Netflix Jessica Jones. I am a huge fan of comics and anime. It’s rare to find a female superhero who is on pare with her male contemporaries. Jessica Jones is one of two female superheros from the world of Marvel comics I adore. I am very excited to write my first review. For those who aren’t familiar Jessica Jones is from Marvel of the late nineties early two-thousand. Yes Stan Lee Marvel. She comes from the imaginary minds of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. What makes Jessica Jones special? Jones isn’t like any other super hero. She wasn’t born with her powers but survived a car accident in which her recovery cause her to be experimented on. With her I don’t care attitude and new found powers makes for great adventures.


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Hello all you masters and mistress of words, today blog post comes curiosity one of my favorite artists “KT Tunstall” the ultimate Rockstar. In fact, when I reference “rockstar” as a good gesture, KT is the inspiration for that. For the past week I been dealing with the after affects of my manic-depressive episode or my “Chum”. Dammit man the struggle is real; in this manic state I find comfort in music. Going back to something so familiar and close to home it’s like chicken soup for the soul. I have a playlist that is comprised of my favorite artists with songs that have positive vibes or happy memories that brings me home. KT’s music is a big part of that.

WAX” released fall 2018



“THE RAIN” Season 2 Review

Netflix blockbuster mega hit “The Rain” is streaming the second season. The Danish post apocalyptic drama follows sister and brother duo Simone, Rasmus their friends Martin, Patrick, Lea and Jean on their quest to find a cure for the virus. Season two picks up where season one left off, the group running from hostile Apollon trained military. Receiving vital information from Dr. Frederik Andersen “Dad”, Simone Andersen the unlikely antagonist, is convinced there’s a cure for her brother Rasmus Andersen. It’s Simone love, dedication and desperation for her brother that puts the entire group at risk.

Season Two a six part episode starts off fast, literally picking up from the end of season one. We see the group attempts to evade capture and seek shelter within the compounds of Apollon. With the information Dr. Andersen provided them, the group teams up with another group of rebels trapped within the compounds of Apollon. Episodes two through four was a bit slow and boring. We are introduced to new characters which brings an element of excitement and the backstories are remarkable, its the relationships and the dynamic shifts within the group Simone, Martin, Patrick, Lea and Jean proven to be predictable and boring.

Season two isn’t all about Simone and Martin relationship. Little brother and host to the virus Rasmus steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight in a big way. We see Rasmus struggling with the virus and isolation. Longing to be normal to have a normal kind of life in a world that is turned upside is heartbreaking. You truly feel bad for Rasmus. Lucas performance is one of Emmy worthy. He really capture the true essence of Rasmus loneliness. Although he’s surrounded by people, Rasmus is alone living with the virus in ways that no one can understand. It’s this loneliness that drives Rasmus down a path that he might not be able to come back from.


There’s no spoiler alert here you want to know what happens to Simone, Rasmus, Martin, Patrick, Lea, Jean and meet the new characters you just have to watch. For more “The Rain” click on the link. “Netflix 30 day subscription

The Cast:
Simone Andersen sister (Alba August)
Rasmus Andersen brother (Lucas Lynggard Tønnesen)
Martin (Mikkel Følsgaard)
Patrick (Lukas Løkken)
Lea (Jessica Dinnage)
Jean (Sonny Lindberg)
Dr. Frederik Andersen father (Lars Simonsen)
Apollon Leader Sten (Johannes Bah Kuhnke)

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Original Post Date: September 8, 2017 

If you’re a fan of Real Housewives of you know these women are famous for their taglines.  Since the show started back in 2008, we seen some good ones and some not so good taglines.  I decided to pick my favorite taglines.  I based my choices on the HW’s personality if the tagline really fits and here’s what I came up with:

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BEAUTY IS THE BEST REVENGE “A Tale of Two Rivalry – War Paint”

Original Post Date: June 17, 2017


War Paint tells the story of two giants of the cosmetic industry Helena Rubinstein (Patti Lupone 2017 Tony Nominee Best Actress) and Elizabeth Arden (Christine Ebersole 2017 Tony Nominee Best Actress).  Set with the backdrop from 1930 – 1960’s War Paint shows the rise and the importance of this rivalry.  War Paint features a book by Doug Wright (Grey Gardens), music by Scott Frankel (Into the Woods) and lyrics by Michael Korie (Grapes of Wrath).

​With a tagline “Beauty is the best Revenge” and with a few Tony nominations, War Paint is one of the hottest musical and a must see.

War Paint has closed.