réparer mon armure!

A dear friend once told me to write no matter what I do just write.  Take 5 mins to write down any thought & do this everyday then before you know it that one sentence will be a paragraph then that paragraph will be a blog then reflect on that idea or thoughts and the process.  Thank you Paulie for the sound advice, you are a truly great friend & a champion I am honored to have in my corner.

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Cutting The Cord

cordcutting-100535448-large.jpgSo many people are choosing to cut the cord, meaning that with all other streaming services out there why settle on cable or satelite tv that offers less and you pay more. Cutting the cord means getting premium programming for less. The question is now what streaming service to go with. With so many ways to stream content it’s a matter of personal choice really.

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“Cover Songs”

“What would you do if I sang out of tune? Would you stand up and walk out on me?” Everyone is familiar with that opening line from 1968 Joe Cocker’s cover of With A Little Help From My Friends. Written by Paul McCarthey and John Lennon for Ringo to sing, but Joe Cockers beautiful melodic powerful verison is definitely better so much that Joe Cocker verison is the anthem for Woodstock and is the most memorable.

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Beauty Is The Best Revenge

War Paint 4 nominated for Tonys, tells the story of two giants of the cosmetic industry Helena Rubinstein (Patti Lupone 2017 Tony Nominee Best Actress) and Elizabeth Arden (Christine Ebersole 2017 Tony Nominee Best Actress).  Set with the backdrop from 1930 – 1960’s War Paint shows the rise and the importance of this rivalry.  War Paint features a book by Doug Wright (Grey Gardens), music by Scott Frankel (Into the Woods) and lyrics by Michael Korie (Grapes of Wrath). 

​With a tagline “Beauty is the best Revenge” and with a few Tony nominations, War Paint is one of the hottest musical and a must see. 

 *War Paint played it’s last performance November 5, 2017 www.warpaintmusical.com


Feature Artist “Sia “

Hello my social media Jedi Knights of the Round Table, today I thought I start a feature for my blog called Feature Artist which will give you a detail insight into the world of the feature’e and today feature is Sia.

Sia is the artist that is less shown literally, she often opts out of being seen in public even in interviews she turns her back to the camera.  Sia has said that she don’t like the price of fame. Sia is a performer, songwriter and producer.  She has written songs for Rihanna (Diamonds), Flo Rida (Wild Ones) and even had a hit of her own with Chandelier video feature famed child dancer Maddie Ziegler of Dance Moms.  She has performed back up to pop groups like British sensation Jamiroquai and Zero 7.

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Is “Verified Fan by Ticketmaster” Good Idea?

We all have complain about the high cost of tickets to some of our favorite Broadway shows.  Shows like Hamilton, Hello Dolly and Dear Evan Hansen tickets can cost on average $260.00 per seat and upwards depending on the venue and seating.  Imagine paying $1,040.00 for a family of four to enjoy Hamilton.  It’s a reality that for one fans of the stage like myself can’t afford and two as a fan of stage I feel like I’m missing out on the experience of sharing special moments with my family like taking MoMo to her first Broadway musical. Not just Theater cost are sky rocketing but movie tickets have gone up, concerts heck even Disneyland ticket prices gone up averaging about $180.00 per person.  What is one to do for entertainment?  Well don’t fret, there’s a ticketing system out there that can help keep the cost of Theater tickets down and system is called Verified Fan.  Verified Fan by Ticketmaster is a system designed to give the fans first crack at some of the hottest Broadway shows without costing ten fingers, ten toes and a leg and arm.  Verified Fan helps keep reseller & bots at bay.

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Safelife vs SNL

sl-2-745x340.jpgHello Social Media personel, today blog is about that infamous SNL skit of Safelife. We all heard of those infamous Safelife commercials? “Safelife Repair, Safelife Replace” infact I have had the pleasure of dealing with the Technicians.  I like how quickly they response, how relatively inexpensive they are but most importantly what a convenience.  You probably have no idea why I’m blogging about Safelife, last weekend SNL did a skit, the basis is that commercial but unlike the commercial the Safelife Tech is portrayed as stalking a mother/daughter duo.  Mother and daughter noticed a crack in their windshield as they were on their way to daughters High School Basketball game. Like the commercial, they called Safelife for repairs.  Unlike the commercial, a creepy tech appears played by Beck Bennett.  He fixes the crack and all is well or so we think.

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Netflix “Radius”

Hello everyone I am very excited to bring to you this blog because I am excited about Netflix sleeper hit “Radius”.  It seems like Netflix is making all the right moves with signing of both TV super media giants Fox golden boy “Ryan Murphy” creator of “American Horror Story” and “The Assassination of Gianni Versace” and ABC hit maker “Shondra Rimes” creator of “Grey’s”, “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder” to multi-million contracts for content.  Netflix is definitely becoming a huge factor in how we watch content.  With shows like “Strangers Things”, “Death Note” and the big hit “Bright” starring “Will Smith”, Netflix is definitely a big threat to Amazon, Hulu and other streaming media making them stand up and take note. If you want the viewership and to maintain that viewership you get the best of the best right?

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Chocolate Rain 10 Year Anniversary

Hello my fellow social media elite, this blog I decided to go a different route and celebrate the phenomenon that is Chocolate Rain. With lyrics like ” Some stay dry and others feel the pain” and ” A baby born will die before the sin” its no wonder Chocalate Rain is one of YouTube first sensation.

tay zonday
Tay Zonday, 35

So what is Chocolate Rain? Who knows, all I know is I never seen Chocolate Rain I never tasted Chocolate Rain but is does make one catchy little tune and not only that but it makes one great virial video.  Picture it YouTube 2007 you see a young geeky nerdy young guy with dark squared rim standing in front of a mic que the music a salsa style keyboard piano starts playing and then he starts to sing “Chocolate Rain….Some stay dry and others feel the pain” this deep dark rich bass voice fills the room. You’re sitting watching this kid who’s 25 but looks all of 14 pound out this song in this deep voice and it’s magical.  You find yourself in a trance and no matter how much you try to stop you are now hooked. Chocolate Rain….A baby born will die before the sin, Chocolate Rain….The school books say it can’t be here again, Chocolate Rain…. The prisons make you wonder where it went”, watching you have to wonder does this guy really sounds like this?

Who’s the Man behind Chocolate Rain; the man behind CR is Tay Zonday 35. At the time Zonday was a 25 year graduate student who have been performing at open mics to a relatively small audience. Tay thought to take his act online posting varies songs on YouTube as an experiment. He was looking for an honest feedback when he then decided to post CR.  However, the song wasn’t complete only having the riff it would take him nearly 6 weeks to finish the lyrics.  Back then YouTube nearly 2 years old, editors manually curated YouTube’s front page. Zonday was notified that another one of his songs will be featured on the home page.  Zonday rushed to complete CR and have both songs as features because he knew more people would be viewing his channel.

Going Viral; CR wasn’t a smash at first it did take some time to go virial.  The story behind that is about 3 months after the video was uploaded, someone from Digg.com (Digg.com at that time is what Reddit is today), posted it on the Digg’s front page and then someone from Digg posted on 4chan and shortly after the video picked up steam and eventually going virial.  To date Chocolate Rain has been viewed over 114 million times and in 2008 receiving YouTube award for best music video.  Not bad for an experiment.

Tay Zonday hasn’t done bad either, thanks to CR his voice over work that includes, Robot Chicken, the video game Happy Wheels.  Zonday also made appearances on Adult Swim the Jack and Triumph Show, America Got Talent, GMA and recently The Steve Harvey Show celebrating the 10 year anniversary of his virial hit.  Tay next gig is voicing a character on animation show that is based upon the Transformers franchise.  Not bad from a kid with a Chocolate Rain dream.



“And the Conversation Continues”

Hello Kings & Queens of the social media world, it’s been sometime since I posted a blog but I’m back, I would like to start with a topic that’s been on everyone minds and hearts and that’s mass shootings.

In the wake of the Stone Douglas HS shootings my friends and I had a deep conversation trying to understand the gravity of the situation.  I decided to take a look back starting with a quote from my blog from back in October 2017 about this topic

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