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I lied, I said I don’t think about suicide but the truth is I do.  I think about suicide when I close my eyes wondering if I just stayed in this state would anyone miss me would anyone care.  Today was a good day I got bullied twice, once on social media when I posted a photo of me crying.

Suicide Rate For Girls Has Been Rising Faster Than For Boys, Study Finds:
by Sasha Ingber
Podcast heard on NPR: All Things Considered


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A dear friend once told me to write no matter what I do just write.  Take five mins to write down any thought & do this everyday then before you know it that one sentence will be a paragraph then that paragraph will be a blog then reflect on that idea or thoughts and the process. 

Thank you Paulie for the sound advice, you are a truly great friend & a champion I am honored to have in my corner.

I say this because as of late I have been uninspired to do something I love to do.  Writing is my passion, I love to see the thought process behind the madness.  Taking one single idea turning it over to my imagination creating this world on a blank canvas that didn’t exist before.  I use to write clever, engaging blogs about reality TV stars the episodes they appear in and interviews or appearances.


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