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Music is one way most people struggling with mental health use as a tool to help navigate through dark times. With #covid19 nearly putting an end to touring the only way musicians get recognized is through word or mouth and social media. Please support the music community by purchasing new music and subscribing to their social media and channels. You can also show your support by following their music on streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music or wherever music is streaming.



What’s in a name? I often wonder why or how people received unique and unusual names. The stories behind nicknames or birth names have always been interesting. I get questioned a lot about both.  I’m ready to share how I acquired the nickname of Sunny Larue.  Larue is my birth middle name. Yes I know it means “the street” in French but Sunny that’s a story. When asked about my nickname, I give that perfect I’m okay with you being so intrusive smile but really I’m very uncomfortable with your inquiry then my reply “It’s because of my smile”. Truthfully honest I hated both names because both names overtime have become identified with “my chum” aka bipolar. However in time with a lot of therapy and hard work I learned to accept what is giving to me. In this acceptance I taught myself the one rule that prevents the painful outside world into my head space. A rule I recently broke.


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Hello all you champions of words, it’s been awhile since my last post.  Actually it’s been some weeks since my last post, October 29th to be exact with the (Off The Wagon) post however I feel the need to express myself once again. It’s hard trying to guess where to start. It’s even harder waiting but when it’s all said and done it’s the change that makes or breaks us.  I learned this truth living in a post Covid-19 world. Eight months ago life was normal now here’s three principles that play a role in our daily routine; START, WAIT and CHANGE. Today’s blog post is inspired by these words.



I can give you the standard definition of the word start but starting something is all interpretation of what the person is feeling. For me starting means making life time commitments and holding true to those commitments. Starting means there’s no room for failure, procrastinating or empty excuses. To start means to put one foot forward and keep walking no matter what.



As the late Tom Petty puts it so elegantly in the song The Waiting “the waiting is the hardest part” which holds some truth. Some people find themselves at a crossroads in which they’re waiting to start a change that is terrifying or how John Mayer nicely put it in his song Waiting For The World To Change “we keep on waiting for the world to change”.  Let’s be clear, to wait has its advantage but it’s also a downfall because some people in this stage of life spend a lifetime waiting for change but do not know how to embrace and adapt. In other words they find themselve stuck in a moment they can’t get out of. Like a record playing over and over or being on a never ending merry-go-around. To wait means how we must adapt and embrace life moments. The good, the bad, the ugly and the indifference we must learn to adapt and embrace to it all or stay stuck. 



We can’t start something or wait for that moment without change.  To change is to face your fears. To change is to take ownership of your sh*t. To change is to grow. To change is to move forward. Some folks can never adapt to change and end up staying stuck in moments, choosing to stay in a time that has long passed. Never living in the moment and can’t see past the future.  Some folks stay because they are too afraid of change.  These things are interpretations and depend on the individual ability to adapt and embrace. 



Change is a powerful entity that holds beauty if only we can see it. To start can be as beautiful just as beautiful as thousands of purple colored sunsets. To wait can bring joy and safety. Together these words can give life or take it away.  It all depends on YOU!

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If you are or know someone struggling with thoughts of suicide or self harm call 911 or contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 1-800-273-8255. Staffers are ready to help you get back on track. Your not alone.

FACES OF SUICIDE: The Story of Brad

The people featured in this blog are of those who struggle with mental health and are no longer with us. Their struggle has helped bring awareness to Bullying, Anxiety, Depression. These people are faces of suicide. If you or you know someone in a crisis, having thoughts of suicide or self harm call 911 immediately or contact The National Suicide Prevention Hotline at (800) 273-8255 (24/7 – 365 days) Together we can break the stigma of mental health. To check out these amazing people and how their struggle impacted our lives click on the links below.


Today I cried to point I couldn’t cry anymore.  If only I could’ve been there to help. If only I knew what to say. I would plead my case in the hopes of having my desperate pleads heard.  If only he could see the tears of pain begging him to stay. If only I can tell him how much he is loved.


March 3, 1972 - June 25, 2009 Suicide by Hanging https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yasmine_(singer)

Yasmine Hilde Rens
March 3, 1972 – June 25, 2009
Suicide by Hanging

Yasmine struggled with serve depression. Depressed by her breakup and divorce, Yasmine hung herself on a tree close to her sister home. She was 37.


Hello all you wizards of words today’s blog post is inspired by suicide. Twenty-nineteen was a year of endings. With the end of the decade in my group of champions our lives has dramatically changed. This is the story of Brad his struggle with mental health and his outcome.


Lee Thompson Young
February 1, 1984 – August 19, 2003
Suicide by Gunshot

Little is known of Lee final moments. Lee was diagnosed with bipolar and suffered from depression. Police were called to perform a wellness check when the actor didn’t show up for work. He was discovered deceased. He was 29.


This blog feature familiar faces who struggled with depression, bipolarism and varies mental illness. The goal here is to show mental illness doesn’t have age limits or discriminate nor know any boundaries. Your neighbor, co-worker, brother, sister, parents anyone can struggle with mental illness. Just because the picture appears to be perfect behind that smile is someone contemplating suicide. Your act of kindness and compassion can be the difference between life and death.


Kelly Yeomans
May 22, 1984 – Sept. 28, 1997
Suicide by Overdose

Kelly is victim of school bullying. Described as a pleasant teen her tormentors were unmerciful in their attacks on Kelly. “It is nothing to do with you Daddy, nothing to do with you Mummy, and nothing to do with you Sarah (her sister). I have had enough and I’m going to take an overdose.” True to her word she took overdose. She was 13.




Hello, I’m Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger and diagnosed with bipolar. For my last blog post of twenty-nineteen, I thought I would finish a draft from summer where struggling with my mental state was very apparent. It’s no secret that one major contributing factors to my triggers is work related. This episode is a result of the stress of dealing with a workplace bully, unorganization of a temporary desk move and the loud sound of office renovation. Because of the chaos, I couldn’t jot down my thoughts in my journal instead I used post-it-notes and paper napkins. Once I pieced together my thoughts this blog took shape. Apologizing in advance my thoughts were all over the place. This happens when one is in the throws of a full blown bipolar episode.


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Hello all you boo-static masters of words, today’s blog comes from one of my favorite independant actors and human activist Dave Vescio. Influenced by Dave’s twitter account, I thought it would be fun to answer some of Dave’s most intriguing questions. But before diving into these questions, here’s a little background on how Dave’s rags to wealth story came to light influencing a generation.


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September is National Suicide Prevention month. If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts or self-harm seek help immediately by dialing 911 or local emergency service or calling National Suicide Prevention Lifeline hotline 800-273-8255.

For more information contact
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


Hello all you freedom writers, today’s blog comes courtesy of unlikely and unconventional inspirational moments. When you think of inspiration most people think positive thinking or positive feelings or a special personal memory that feels them up with joy however, after spending time alone on isolation island, I found these inspirational moments aren’t as positive but more dark in nature. I need to understand where this unhealthy destructive behavior began and how to better manage my Chum because my episodes are getting more frequently intense.

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Hello all you keepers or words, today blog post hits a bit closer to home as it involves dealing with mental health specifically my diagnosis. I have been very open about my bipolar disorder in doing so blogging about something that is so personal it’s hard I’m not going to lie but being on this constant rollercoaster ride trying to seek answers to new questions it’s tough. Through therapy and support I learned some valuable tools that helps when in the mist of an episode.

This blog is based upon my personal perspective and experience dealing with a disorder.
The research of this blog is for informational purpose.
I am not a doctor or a license healthcare worker.
If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide or self harm call 911 immediately.


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Hello champions of words, today blog is quite unique in the guides that I followed advice from a dear friend who told me to write down your thoughts no matter what then when ready come back and visit. This is that blog. When I started the few sentences, I was coming out of an episode trying to connect back to familiar surroundings. At this point it has been eight days since I had a visit from my Chum. Its a strange thing what inspired me to write this down. Someone asked me specifically how is my mental health. The conversation started off innocently but I realized there’s so many misconception of bipolar.


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D I S C L A I M E R! I am not a licensed healthcare professional. This blog is based on my own personal opinion and experience and not to be used as a self diagnosis guide. If you are experiencing thoughts of suicide, self harm or showing any symptoms of depression; SEEK MEDICAL ASSISTANCE FROM A LICENSE HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL or contact your local {Police Department}, {Fire Department}, {Hospital} or contact one of these facilities listed below or dial 9 1 1;

Vantage Point
National Institute of Mental Health
Substance Abused and Mental Health Service Administration (SAMHSA) 


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