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As a writer and blogger there’s not enough words but as an introvert, I find there’s too many words. Why do we need to speak? What do we love to hear ourselves make a lot of noise? Why can’t we learn how to enjoy the silence?… Read More ENJOY THE SILENCE


High School is a cesspool pretentious assholes that took pleasure in torturing the misfits. The anxiety of getting to school was a nightmare. I spent four years in the trenches. Closing my eyes in attempt to move stealthily down the halls dodging bullets, ducking hand grenades and digging deep trenches to hide in. The adult me wants so desperately to take that bruised tortured soul in my arms and hug her, love her. Tell her that this part of life isn’t forever things will get better.… Read More IN THE TRENCHES


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Actively and ineffectively managing a spiral wave that’s circling the drain. Round and round you go fighting with everything you have to stay afloat but slowly falling into the drain. It’s a fall that’s hard to come back from. The pain of losing both my Aunt who also had a huge impact in life and my mother I created a dream world that I kept getting lost in. I functioned like a “normal” person but honestly I felt like my dreaming world was taking over and spilling into reality.



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I normally end my blogs and short stories with “be kind, be creative, drink responsibly” I was inspired to write this short story about a child struggling with mental illness inspired by real life event.  I don’t have any words to close other than this if you or a loved is suffering from mental illness or disorder please seek help.  Be kind and patience and know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


It’s a mouth full of cookie I nearly choked on after cracking up with laughter reading it. Truth can be found in the most strangest places, you just have to look and be ready to receive. My truth for this episode was found in a fortune cookie. It read “The fortune you seek is already within you” there it is. The spirits pushing me in the right direction always.
Hi, I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, storyteller, music lover and martini admirer.
My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.
My short stories are about love and loss inspired real life events.
Title of today’s blog post is: “The Carnival In My Head”
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It’s pretty scary when you are in a stage what I call the “Blah Factor.” I say this because when you don’t feel anything you become numb to nothing. You don’t care and with a mental disorder like manic depression that blah blah feeling can lead to despair. What to do when you are face with the black factor?
Hello, I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, storyteller, music lover and martini admirer.
My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.
My stories are about love and loss inspired by real life events.
And this is the Blah Factor.… Read More THE BLAH FACTOR


Mother Nature knows how to make an entrance she shows us the beauty of the world stripping us down to the bare skin. Exposing every line every wrinkle every crack every kink in our armor disarming us down to the bare skin showing us what it’s like to be naked. Hi I’m Sunny LaRue The Professional Martini drinking blogger and storyteller my writings are about self-discovery love loss inspired by real life events this short story it’s titled “Naked”.… Read More NAKED


we all have to take ownership of our actions, if a person can’t own up to their dirt maybe they shouldn’t be slinging it. As I sit here listening to my favorite song that sings about looking at yourself and what you are doing and showing love, compassion to your enemy wishing them more my heart is torn apart.  Every time I allow myself the luxury of having compassion for this woman she turns around and stumps on that.
I learned not to expect much from people.  One thing is certain we all have our issues.  The issues shouldn’t dictate who we are but how we react. No matter what my feelings are toward this woman I have to be compassionate because my energy that I put out there will come back.  I want that ripple effect to be a positive vibe.
Hello I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, music lover and martini admirer.
My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.
My stories are about love and loss inspired by real life events.
Today’s post is about how to deal with nasty people when you’re struggling with an mental disorder.


“I been listening to my playlist that consist of my favorite bands and songs. Been watching some TV Netflix anything to up lift my spirits. I’m forcing myself to write. The clicking of the keyboards coupled by the soothing music from my playlist is very calming and relaxing.” I’m Sunny Larue the professional martini drinking blogger and storyteller. My writings are about self-discovery, life and loss inspired by real life events. Today blog post is part three and the conclusion of my manic depression meltdown. Dealing with mental disorder such as depression is both mentally and physically draining. It’s good to have people in your corner to help ease back into reality. Thank you for reading and if you like to know more please check out my other blogs and short stories. Feedback is always welcomed.… Read More OVER THE HUMP