“Blogging is nothing more than having a conversation with oneself then inviting strangers to join in. You write until it becomes as natural as breathing.”
Hello, I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, music lover and martini admirer. I been a blogger for over 30 years starting at the age of 12. Feeling like an outcast, I would retreat to my writing spot where I create wild stories of love, loss and taking part of a crazy adventure. All these years later I decided to put my imagination to use by creating a blogging website, posting ideas that will hopefully inspire readers to write their own crazy adventures.
Taking that first step is always the scariest but once you step across that line, you will find enlightenment and a warm sense of accomplishment which in itself is rewarding. Writing is my passion, bring me a cathartic euphoric feeling of peace.
As you discover my blogs are about a journey to self-discovery with a positive vibe. My short stories are about love, lost inspired by real life events.
I welcome you to continue this journey with me, your feedback is always welcomed. My hope is to inspire a new generation of readers and encourage all to engage your imagination by bring your inspiration to life. It’s a beautiful thing to dream big.
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I see you dancing like a tiny firefly shining brightly in the night. I awake to the quiet, the stale air the isolation of this empty house. Saying goodbye isn’t forever . You always carry those who have passed in our hearts and honor them by living a life worthy of the love they shared. I’m Sunny Larue the professional drinking martini storytelling blogger. My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive groove. My stories are about love and loss inspired by real life events.
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