The feeling of the holidays brings joy and love into our lives.  The holidays is a time to reflect, a time to heal and a time for self-discovery but most importantly a time to love. Excerpt of A New Prespective… Read More A NEW PROSPECTIVE


Driving down open roads no traffic to block the view. My foot pushing faster on the gas pedal speeding up to a natural high I’m really digging this ride.
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Hi I’m Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger. Here’s an excerpt from my latest blog…. Even the most famous authors have a hard time expressing an opinion within context.  You would think it would be easy for someone who writes for a living to express their opinion in a meaningful way. We all have been in situations where a slip of the tongue gets you into hot water. To read more click on the link. Feedback is always welcome. Thank you!… Read More SLIP OF THE TONGUE


Death points me towards the exit making sure I understand this; utterling these few words “Death is a part of life. We are born, we live then we die. Taking part in dying is never easy and a job I don’t enjoy. No more delay, it’s time to go. It’s time to say so long.” … Read More SO-LONG


Carolyn V. WormelySunrise: October 26, 1935 🌹 Sunset: December 13, 2009 This one’s for you mom.  I love more than you’ll ever know. Tomorrow is here that time of year when we think of you fondly my dear.  All the tears shed hasn’t healed the pain of your departure. Today I fear to close my… Read More TOMORROW


This is what happens when a 15 month old baby boy scared when protesters start singing “Baby Shark”… Read More BABY SHARK


“Winter came and took you away. That bitter cold winter’s day has left me heartbroken crying with little to say. Gray fills my days and dark fills my nights for only in my dreams do I see your light. I am forever trapped in my sadness, living among the living in this coldest of cold space. Gone are the beautiful colors of Autumn. Gone are the beautiful colors of you.”
A Mother’s Love is truly unconditional. No one will ever love me the way my mother loves me. If there’s one lesson taken from loss it’s this we only have one shot at this life. Telling the people dear to you “I LOVE YOU” is one thing it’s another to show it.
I’m Sunny Larue the professional martini drinking blogger, writer and music lover. My writings are about self-discovery, love and loss. This short is about the love of my life my mom. Mom taught me how to be tough but gentle. Determined but sweet. She taught me to be kind even to those who don’t deserve it. She healed me when I was sick, she comforted me when I hit rock bottom and no matter how bad things were she always love us. Truly a remarkable beautiful woman.
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MOURNING – A Soul Sister’s Story

When we think of mourning we think of death in the physical world but there are many reasons why people mourn. Mourning the lost of a relationship is what this blog is about.… Read More MOURNING – A Soul Sister’s Story