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Hello champions of words, today blog post is a blast from the past. Dated August 17, 2011, I decided to tackle an entry posted on a friend #Facebook page dealing with racism in America. I wanted to get the conversation going at which I failed but now in revisiting past blogs, I think this is just as relevant today as it was nine years ago.


It’s twenty-nineteen has the level of racism in America changed? I think it has evolved, morphed into more than just black and white. This issue has a direct effect on the LGBTQ, Muslin, Immigrants communities and it doesn’t stop it’s the runaway train. Everyone has felt and dealt with racism on some level. It’s a shame we’re still talking about race. With the current administration and the President encouraging such behavior, how can our nation pull together?


“We are a symbiont society what happens to one affects the other”

Obi Won Kenobi


The Facebook Post;
Hey everyone,
I’ve got something under my skin and I need help to try to wrap my head around it. I will try to word this as best I can, so as not to offend anyone. I’m apologizing ahead of time to anyone who gets offended by this. That is not my intention; only to try and understand.
First off, let me tell you I live in Southern Maryland. Things are different here than they were growing up in Pasadena. There’s things I’ve observed living here that I just don’t understand. For starters, I’ve observed sometimes there’s “lines” where different races pretty much treat each other differently. Things seem segregated to a degree and it’s like the civil rights movement didn’t happen. I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve seen confederate flag stickers on cars, and EVERY time, it turns my stomach. I’m like, “HELLO?!?! This is 2011!!! The south lost; get over it, and OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!”. I’ve also encountered some African-Americans who despise white people, and it seems like there are some who don’t like anyone who’s Latino or Asian or Indian/Middle-Eastern or Gay, (which is a small population in this area). I’m not saying that everyone here is like that; I know of many who aren’t “blind”, and consider them good friends. I’m talking about those that ARE “blind” and think that it’s perfectly fine to think this way.

Growing up in Pasadena, there seemed to be almost every ethnicity there is represented, and we all treated each other the same. We didn’t say, “Oh this is Peter, my white friend” or “This is Lisa, my Chinese friend”. We just said, “This is so-and-so, MY FRIEND”. No tags, no lines. Just the common knowledge we were all the same. If there was racism, I never encountered it. I always have and always will see everyone as the same. The only differences were if someone was nice or mean to me. I grew up with a lot of kids making fun of me because I was fat, but never because I was white. Kindness and friendship, to me, had no boundaries. If you were nice to me, I was nice to you. Case closed.
I guess I’m just asking for some insight, because I just don’t understand how in this day and age, there is STILL this kind of behavior. I really don’t understand how people can still be so blind. If you would share your view on this, I’d appreciate it, because I just don’t get it.


My response:
I’m not offended by anything you have said because the simple fact is that we all have experience racism on some level it just depends on what you would call it. In my opinion there’s different type of racism examples Bullying, Sexism, Ageism. I’m a 40yr black American woman (not of African decent because my family roots are from Australia) I was born and raised in SoCal and I like to believe that I’m well travel & pretty intelligent my parents are from the south Alabama. They participated in marching for equals rights during the 60’s.  I traveled to the south a lot as a kid & I never experienced racism. I would see restaurant that had signs colored eat here or colored drinking area or Negro restroom etc. My experience with racism happened when I met & married my ex-hubby who is Hispanic (Mexican).

His family doesn’t like black ppl or any nor dark whites. I don’t know why but in his family the darker you are the uglier you are if you’re white with blond hair & blues eyes you’re the cream of the crop hints why we are now divorced.  You can imagine my surprise when my ex mother in-law would speak Spanish and say horrible terrible things about me & my family being black like we should be shipped back to Africa or black ppl should stay in their positions as slaves & the funny thing Dee is that she’s & her kids including my ex are here illegally. You would think that she would be more tolerant of this country’s diversity.

Unfortunately racism today is not only a black white issue, it’s an issue of gender (Gay marriage) issue of looks (being heavy) and of course heritage. Just look at our President and what he’s going thru compared to our previous President or look at the models the thinner models get booked and is place on this high authority of what American women should like vs. the heavier models that ironically are more like the average American woman in terms of weight.  Has racism gotten better I would like to believe it has, is it gone NO will it ever go away NO, as long as there are stupid ppl racism will continue to exists.  I think this country is moving at a slow pace when it comes to change and acceptance but we can’t allow ourselves to take 10 steps back from where we came from, we have to move forward so we won’t become blinded again (your words) & that’s my opinion.


Everyday we struggle as a nation, as a world power and of course as humans. Why aren’t we teaching our children to be respectful, patience, empathy and compassion. It’s only a handful of people who act and behave in such way. Unfortunately this is the reality.
Be good to each other.



346-3466505_15-best-photos-of-80s-party-clip-artHello all you masters of words, as I sit here listening to my playlist from the 80’s feeling nostalgic, I find myself longing for the good old times.  Missing old buddies, one particular friend comes to mind.  She is one of my champions, who encouraged me to continue writing.  She and I go way back.  I can still see her waiting for me up on the Blvd (Hollywood Blvd) at our spot, planning our ditch day. I recently found two of my diaries realizing that one of the diaries is solely about her and our adventures together.  True to form most of the crew we hung out with all but disappeared, not true with her.  We kept in touch making our bond stronger.  Her story of courage has inspired me to write this blog.  This blog post is dedicated to my dear friend Beth.


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b21139b0de442ed1e2667a5fe4c03661The power of Red fills my head with hatred and dread. Unlike the color of azul a Noble blue that binds the soul with peace.  It’s not Red’s fault, she’s always been this way. Red is trying not to be so negative, so envy of her friend Noble Blue. According to plan, Red path is sealed with a kiss. Alone in her convictions, Red stands alone on the banks of Crossroads Benny beach waiting for a chance to make a new path to enlightenment. Off in the distant bobbing in the water, bottle but not any bottle. This bottle came a long way containing a message from an old friend.  This friend message reads;

“Hear these words, Red you’re not as hateful or dreadful.  Even the coldest of hearts can be undone. Through these inspirational thoughts of love, compassion, empathy and respect can be represented in the hearts of the cold.  It’s never too late for change and growth.

Love your friend Noble Blue.”

pngtree-noble-beauty-png-clipart_105377Red with a heavy heart gives way to a warm embrace of this message of encouragement. She wears like a dawn’s comforter, smiling in glee for even the harden of hearts wants to be loved. The life story of Red doesn’t end at the banks of Crossroads Benny, if Red can  learn the lesson and embrace change so can we.

This short story is inspired by the color Red and what it represent.  Some see Red as a negative, I choose to see Red in all it’s beauty. 

Be Kind

la fin

Photo by Milo



girl-1098612__340Today I am feeling lower than I can possibly go.  It’s shows.  My emotions are compromised and my strength my armor is slowly being chipped away.  With every frown or crossed stare I get from the powers to be, a crack appears on my armor.  If I stay here in this space, I fear there won’t be anything left.  It’s like that situation where you’re in a crowded room enjoying the scene then that evil force walks in sucking all the air and life out that’s how the current work space is.  Here it’s quite clear we all play by a different set of rules.  I should know this by now.  Naivety I hoped things would get better but with each inopportune moment is a slap in the face.  Yes they talk a good game but the truth is there’s no room for growth well if you are me in my position.  With all my experience the only thing I am good for is to sit here answering the few calls that comes through. 


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Today I need you to be quiet.  Very quiet, in fact I need you to be very quiet that you can hear the sound of my heart beating.  Thump, thump can you hear it?  Racing so fast you can hear a musical patterning emerge.  My heart beats like this in anticipation of what I am about to say.  Shhh, can you hear that?  It’s the ring in my ear.  Nervously my reaction to the thumping my heart beat is causing because what I have to say is so simple but true and that is I LOVE YOU!


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