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Hello Kings and Queens of the blogging community, wow last week been one hell of a ride.  Trying to play catch-up it’s very dawnty to say the lease. This past week I had a birthday to work through.  I always get very emotional around my birthday.  Just found out a friend passed away.  He was truly a kind soul with a big heart.  There’s not enough words on this planet that I can use to describe how brilliant this person was.  Still dealing with the aftermath of work place bullying.  All the while trying to keep my “Chum” and his band mates “Manic” “Doubt” and “Panic” at bay.  Yes its an overwhelming week of highs and lows and despite it all surprisingly I survived.


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Just recently a really good friend of mine well more like a champion informed me that our thirty year high school reunion is happening this August.  He asked if I was plan on going.  I paused then responded with I don’t know.  It’s always difficult task going back to high school.  I can imagine it’s a tough time for most but for me it was my living hell nightmarish prison that I thought I would never escape. The anxiety of getting to school was a nightmare. I spent four years with a bunch of miserable assholes who pride themselves on being assholes becoming the target of many vicious attacks.  My four years were spent dodging bullets, ducking hand grenades and digging deep trenches to hide in.  Why on earth would I want to volunteer to spend one evening reliving that?

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mommaMommy please take my hand, hold it tight.  I’m scared I won’t live through the night.  These voices speak to me tell me to do things I don’t want to do.  Their force, the powerful voices commends me to tell you this truth.  I don’t want to live anymore.  My behavior has caused so much pain.  I don’t want you to cry anymore, but these powerful voices I can’t ignore anymore.  If you can just sleep here tonight and hold me tight maybe they will go away.


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