NETFLIX 40 Binge-Worthy Shows To Add To Your Watch List

N E W 🌞 B L O G 🌞 P O S T
What to binge-watch on Netflix. I got 40 must binge-watch worthy shows.… Read More NETFLIX 40 Binge-Worthy Shows To Add To Your Watch List

JESSICA JONES Season Three Review

Hello all you beautiful bloggers, writers, reviewers and souls of words today post is my first review on Netflix Jessica Jones. I am a huge fan of comics and anime. It’s rare to find a female superhero who is on pare with her male contemporaries. Jessica Jones is one of two female superheros from the… Read More JESSICA JONES Season Three Review

“THE RAIN” Season 2 Review

⚠️THE RAIN Season Two Review⚠️
To quote a song by the Nelson twins “after the rain you’ll live again” not in the Danish post apocalyptic drama The Rain. Siblings Simone and Rasmus find themselves at odds. Desperate, Simone would do anything to save her brother. This act of love and devotion has put a strain on her relationship with Martin and puts the group at risk. Rasmus struggling with isolation steps out on his own craving a path he might not be able to come back from. You can catch The Rain season two on @Netflix
Read More “THE RAIN” Season 2 Review


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