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Green is the color of envy or so they say. Ask me if I’m green with envy and I would say HELL YES. Green isn’t only the color envy enjoys its also the color mother nature adores. She loves green so much look at what she did painting the forest floor emerald,… Read More GREEN


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I normally end my blogs and short stories with “be kind, be creative, drink responsibly” I was inspired to write this short story about a child struggling with mental illness inspired by real life event.  I don’t have any words to close other than this if you or a loved is suffering from mental illness or disorder please seek help.  Be kind and patience and know there’s light at the end of the tunnel.


Mother Nature knows how to make an entrance she shows us the beauty of the world stripping us down to the bare skin. Exposing every line every wrinkle every crack every kink in our armor disarming us down to the bare skin showing us what it’s like to be naked. Hi I’m Sunny LaRue The Professional Martini drinking blogger and storyteller my writings are about self-discovery love loss inspired by real life events this short story it’s titled “Naked”.… Read More NAKED


It’s no secret that family gatherings are done over breaking bread. In the African American community this is very true. Sunday dinners will take place with the whole family getting together and pitching in.
Grandma house is the best place to be. Making beautiful memories that last a life time.
Hi, I’m Sunny Larue known as the professional martini drinking blogger and storyteller.
My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe.
My short stories are about love and loss inspired by real events.
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Today we live in a time that hatred and lack of kindness is what we celebrate. It’s quite clear that the last of the giant warehouse stores has fallen victim to this. Gone is the sparkle that once made the shopper’s experience pleasant. Quality and Quantity has been replaced with misery and lack of compassion. When we learn?
I’m Sunny Larue blogger, storyteller, music lover and martini admirer. My blogs are about self-discovery with a positive vibe. My stories are about love and lost inspired by real life events.
Today blog post is about how big businesses treat employees that experience trickles down to the consumer.


It’s been ten years since I had the pleasure of calling you a friend. The world has grown moving fast forward and life tries so desperately hard to keep up, I haven’t thought of neither of you.
Ouch these words are like knife stabbing through the heart. But none felt as a woman being scorned not only by her husband but by her best friend. We all have some kind betrayal from someone we love. Loss is loss whether it’s a death of the physical body or death of a relationship we all feel pain. The question is “when is the best time to let all that pain go?”
I’m Sunny Larue blogger, writer, music lover and martini admirer.
My bloggers are about self-discovery with/positive vibe.
My stories are about love and loss inspired by real life events.
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It’s a start to a new year and the start of a new adventure in blogging community.
This posts celebrates blogging and those behind the blogs.
These champions of our blogging community generously give their time and support, welcoming new comers to the beautiful world of blogging.
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“My body hurts so much the pain is unbearable.”
The topic of this post is “Depression.”
Depression is a mental disorder it’s affects are mind blowing. Depression can manifest its ugly self in many different forms including stress. Most of us face depression on head on without even knowing. Recognizing the signs of a depression is a step in the right direction.
I’m Sunny Larue Blogger, Writer, Storyteller, Martini Admirer and this is my story.
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“Through the pain you inspire”
I’m Sunny Larue, blogger, writer martini admirer.

My writings are about self-discovery love and loss inspired by real life events.

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