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I honestly don’t know what to say.  I don’t have any clever words of wisdom nothing but just feeling numb.  I’m not particularly sad but I’m not happy either.  Last week was a living nightmare and the energy that was drained from my body had taken a heavy toll on me. So much is going on in my world my job situation, my writing, my future all this is weighting heavy on my mind.  It’s like the twilight zone has taken hold of my body throwing me in an ongoing loop of noise filled numbness. 


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Just recently a really good friend of mine well more like a champion informed me that our thirty year high school reunion is happening this August.  He asked if I was plan on going.  I paused then responded with I don’t know.  It’s always difficult task going back to high school.  I can imagine it’s a tough time for most but for me it was my living hell nightmarish prison that I thought I would never escape. The anxiety of getting to school was a nightmare. I spent four years with a bunch of miserable assholes who pride themselves on being assholes becoming the target of many vicious attacks.  My four years were spent dodging bullets, ducking hand grenades and digging deep trenches to hide in.  Why on earth would I want to volunteer to spend one evening reliving that?


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A very good blogger buddy of mines Kat, The Boozy Housewife has nominated me for the “Mystery Blogger Award”. Check out Kat’s incredible blogs on her website {theboozyhousewife}.  Kat is a cocktail fashionista, the bees knees, a champion in the blogging community and my friend.  Thank you Kat for this nomination I am honored.


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Hello all you kings and queens of the blogging community.  I was tag by my good friend and fellow blogger “TheBoozyHousewife to participate in this challenge. I enjoy participating in such challenges because the questions are out-of-this-world but what makes challenges like these interesting is the over-the-top nutty answers.  The rules are simple; Answer the ten questions, tag bloggers ( I like to tag new bloggers that I started following) and present them with ten questions.





Hello my fellow Bloggers, Writers & Storytellers, it’s with great pleasure to announce my lovely friend Kat at “TheBoozyHousewife.com” has nominated me for “Liebster Awards”.  This is my first time being nominated & I can’t tell you how thrilled, excited & overjoyed that Kat thought of me.  You can follow Kat on twitter (@theboozyhousewife) & check out her blogs at theboozyhousewife.com.  Thank you Kat for your support.  

I have posted my answers to Kat’s questions as well as posting my own questions for bloggers I have nominated below.  Before we get to those Q & A here’s a little history about The Liebster Award, the Rules & how you can pay-it-forward.