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There’s not a person on this planet that don’t have some type of social media account. Whether it’s Twitter or YouTube chances are even great grandma is being followed on some form of social media.  Over the past twenty years, social media has made a huge impact in our lives. Social Media gives us the opportunity to show support in ways never seen before. With social media we can promote, connect and influence the masses. I can’t think of a bigger platform to use for getting your message across then social media.



Hello, usually I would start my blogs off with some kind of clever intro but I decided against that today because what I have to say needs no clever intro. I am reminded of how vocal I use to be on social media when it comes to our local (Los Angeles County), state (California) and federal government (US). I been accused of being particular harsh when it comes to Mr. Trump his administration and his policies. I decided not to indulge in politics on social media only because people can’t just have a respectful conversation. I am of the belief that if you’re not happy with the system do your part to change it. This is true in every aspect of life. My way of dealing with the frustration of what’s going is to have healthy discussions and eventually voting. If you don’t vote them you don’t have any right to complain right? Lately I notice the down right nasty behavior has definitely left a horrible taste in my mouth.


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