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Original post date September 16, 2020

Inspired by writing prompt #17 – write about helpful tools to beat writers block


Hello all you freedom writers, today’s post is inspired by writing prompts. Have you found yourself staring at an empty white screen trying to find a point to start to write? This happens to often and as a writer there are times I try to process a series of thoughts that doesn’t translate into print which is frustrating. When I find myself in this situation I turn to “Writing Prompts”. Writing prompts is a good way of overcoming writer’s block and helps with focusing on a specific topic. Writing prompts is good to reigning in and organize your thoughts. Here’s an example of writing prompt #17 Pain and Loss.


What’s hurting right now beside the pain in my heart or the hole in my soul left by loving you. Everyday since you left I been in an out-of-control spiral hell. I’m not among the living but not quite dead. I don’t know what this space is but I feel cold and empty.

They say it’s okay to grieve. Is this grieving?

They say it’s okay to cry. Is this crying?

They say it’s okay to be sad. Is this sadness?

You abandoned me in misery, orphaned and alone. I tried a thousand times to join you but you say “it’s not my time”. Healing comes at a cost and one day I hope to be strong enough not to tug too hard at this scab.


Writing prompts are a fun way to being creative. Try stepping out of the box, try using writing prompt see how far and creativity can take you. If you enjoyed these writing prompt check out these writing prompt. Feedback and comments are always welcome.

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Looking out of this car window I have seen better days. The sun rays shines yellow then orange revealing the gray dust. The glowing reflecting of all the tiny specks that have settle here. Each speck tells a story frozen in time. If you can read them you will see a picture emerge, of a life span of love, loss, fight. With every grain detailing the life of the dust that danced on the wind before hitting this windshield. Just like every line that runs across a face.


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Tonight I close my eyes and dream a little dream of you. I see you dancing like a tiny firefly.  I reach out to you, you taking my hand planting a gentle kiss “my lady” sweeping me off dancing in a wonderland of beauty.  Around and around we go the butterflies and lady bugs a little envy joins us in the mystical joyful wonderland delight. I see your handsome smile, I hear your heavy laughter, I smell your aftershave my gosh you are so beautiful, I am lost in you. The night sky blue and purple the stars twinkle like perfect white diamonds as you and I dance the night away. All I want is this moment. All I is to be here with you together forever in this perfect paradise.


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