And the Oscar Goes Too

Today blog post is inspired by the Academy of Motion Pictures of Arts and Sciences and the bone-head decision to add a new category to gain better ratings and secure more viewership.

Oscars to Launch A New “Popular Film” Category: Article by Jenna Amatulli Huffington Post

And the Oscar goes too…… How many times have we heard that line and thought wow this movie just won for best picture and I never heard of it. I wonder how this is possible especially when there’s great performances in movies like Chris Evan in The Avengers Infinity War (2018) or Henry Cavill in Superman Man of Steel (2013) or Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman (2017) or Chadwick Boseman and Danai Gurira in Black Panther (2018). You would think that with the late Heath Ledger’s brilliant performance as the Joker in The Dark Knight (2008) winning the best supporting Oscar, that the Academy would be more open to nominating films of this caliber.

ec09b0befcfc3da84e12a8c34de9dadc_oscar-award-trophy-clipart-clipartxtras-oscar-award-trophy-clipart_197-800The bone-heads that sits on the Board of Governors are truly out-of-touch with the popular movie goer. The board seems to be blind to the the fact there are plenty of really good scripts from unknown writers to be produced and that these talents should be recognized instead of creating a new category. Popular Movie category is just that, you’re giving an Oscar to a movie that has box office success instead of the merit of the film.


And let’s talk about viewership…….there’s a few reason why viewership has dropped and here’s why:

  • The broadcast is way too long; There’s no reason to drag this out. Give out the popular categories and drop the rest by dropping I mean drop best foreign film, animation, lighting, camera angle categories of this nature. Also eliminate the President of the Academy speech on how the Oscar is awarded. Oscar have social media account and a website this is where that speech belongs.
  • Entire show is unorganized; Fire the producer or producers because these guys can’t get their shit straight. The lag time between awarding categories or performances is too long. Too many fuck-ups it’s gets old fast. This is the Academy Awards this broadcast should be a well oiled ran machine.
  • The Hosts; Aside from Whoopi, Billy Crystal and Jimmy Kimmel, over the past 5 years the hosts sucks major red orange and blue balls. These people are performers and yet they’re bland as dry toast. The hosts can’t connect to the audience it’s a turn off and it’s really distributing.
  • Winners thank you speech; Yes it’s exciting to win but once the winner make the acceptance speech it’s like they thank everyone on the fucking planet. It’s annoying. Maybe there’s way to post a acceptance speech on social media or remind winners they have 1 minute (one and done) and not only will they be played off, they will be escorted off as well.
  • Repeat Offenders; Stop with the repeat winners constantly giving awards to the same people year after year it’s stupid really. There’s plenty of actresses who do great inceptional work that isn’t Meryl Streep.
  • Diversity; Wow what a difference a year makes, the lack of diversity is quite evident. 2017 we seen a rise in diversity of film that featured black cast or gays in leading role that being said only five films was recognized. Spectacular performances like Chadwick Boseman in Marshall (2017) or Trevor Jackson in Burning Sands (2017) was overlooked why? Halle Berry and Denzel Washington great actors but they aren’t the only black actors available.

Speaking popular movies please explain how could a brilliantly put together movie like Dunkirk (2017) the highest grossing World War II movie surpassing Saving Private Ryan losses to a movie about a mute lady who falls in love with a mute lizard-man? Not to mention that Christopher Nolan one of the best directors around he hasn’t won an Oscar and only been nominated once is just asinine.

It doesn’t take a rocket science to figure this out, the Academy doesn’t need to add more categories, just be sensible when presenting movies to the members of the Academy for voting.

That’s All.

Dear Aretha

Dear Aretha;

Today as the world mourns your passing, we also celebrate your life your legacy. Unfortunately we only realize the impact of a person when they’re gone and the impact you left is unwavering. You have touched so many lives in ways you can not imagine. You became a powerful voice of a generation in a time when many couldn’t speak. You stood tall when many of us didn’t have the strength to believe. Many of your songs became our anthem sparking a light with the women movement. We felt your passion when you sang about being in love “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman”, we heard the passion when you demanded “Respect”.

Today we say a little prayer for you Aretha.

God Bless #QueenofSoul

Aretha Franklin Wikipedia Page

Aretha Franklin Website


Garda Síochána “Guardian of the Peace”

Inspiration comes on all forms and today blog post is inspired by doing something so natural TV binge watching. I been doing a lot of that lately on Netflix catching up on my British telly as they say and I notice something very unusual, well unusual for us Americans and that is on British telly apparently police officers don’t carry guns. Amazing huh? I know I said I won’t get political here but there’s always the first the one and only exception to the rule and this blog is it. I decided to put down the martini’s, put down the remote and really think about what or how I will present this thought…..

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Millennials: What Planet Are You From?

As I sit here and chat with group of millennial I can’t help but to think “What Planet are you from?”  These kids has no idea about life post social media.  As I navigate through this conversation I slowly realize these kids have no clue about anything.  I was asked Capturewhat did Gen X (1970 – 1998) do for fun. I got to thinking about my childhood and growing up in the 80’s all the fun. I remember getting my first walk-man pink and black for Christmas or buying my first LP (vinyl)  Men At Work Business As Usual or hanging out Brookside park community swimming pool during the summer. 8-track tapes, cassette tapes, Atari, ColecoVision. My brother brought a ColecoVision putting it on a black & white TV with rabbit ears. Do you know how hard it was to play Zaxxon in black & white? It’s very challenging to say the least. My older sister and I were allowed only 1 hour of TV time so in a time where MTV actually played music videos it was hard to make a choice, is it going to be video game or MTV?  After our hour was up, we were kicked outside to play until the street lights came on. (millennial)

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The Starbucks Experience

c2bd57d1a18cef6ade619c210a923c13_tumblr-logo-clipart2235390-starbucks-clipart-transparent_500-273Good AM all my fellow social media family, today blog is inspired by my favorite coffee house Starbucks. I’ve been a active member of the fame coffee house since 2005, and finally decided to get the golden rewards card in 2009, I’m well in tune with the “Starbucks Experience”, I even took a trip to Seattle 2005 and visit the first Starbucks, I was in coffee heaven. Starbucks is a place where dreams come true. I’ve sat many time blogging and writing scripts, stories so inspired by my surroundings.

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blah-blah-blahWhat is Inspiration? To me inspiration is many different things.  To me inspiration is love, friendship, respect, compassion, family, hope and home just to name a few. The reason for this blog post is I had an interesting question posed to me from one of my dearest life-long friend who asked “when you write, is it when the notion strikes you, do you hae a schedule, or what do you do?” My response is “I write when I’m inspired.”  As I am now inspired.

I got to thinking about Inspiration and the thought process behind the madness.  I am sitting here typing this out listening to Lee Ann Womack “I Hope You Dance” drawing more inspiration, it’s like fate is at foot today.  The lyrics are so inspiring I can’t help but to think of my friendships my relationships the love I have for my champions I say this to Blu-Jasmine “if you get a chance to sit it out or dance I hope you dance.”

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creciendo el estilo de los años 80

“Creciendo el estilo de los años 80” Spanish for “growing up 80’s style” a childhood I wouldn’t change for nothing in the world is the topic of this blog post. As I sit here listening to Sirius-XM 80’s channel Don Henly “Boys of Summer memories of a time in my life where things were so simple.  Even though there’s always the threat of a nuclear war the cold war between USSR and USA at a stale-male the world waits for one to call check mate a point made in the song “Land of Confusion” by Genesis, the 80’s decade started out with a whisper ending with a bang.  80’s created a lot of innovative stuff fun stuff. Some stuff didn’t survive and some stuff did survive and we still use today. The 70’s seen the birth of 8-track tapes and vinyl (albums), the 80’s gave us cassette tapes, CD’s, video, Walkman, Atari, Cable TV and of course MTV.

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Rencontrez mon ami noir et blanc

Hello everyone, I don’t know where to start in regards to this blog post.  This issue has been a thorn in my side for a long time all my adult life. It’s been a topic of conversation too many time including just recently this AM at the watercooler of social media.  Let me start with this, I really don’t like it when my “friend” introduce me as “oh meet my black white friend”.  REALLY, that’s how your gonna roll?  Reading through the comments on my social media (sunnylarue on facebook), I notice a few people don’t get why this is such an issue for me and why I get so offended by this and because of that I thought this would be a good blog to chat about.

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Meine Geliebte

Hello everyone, as I still travel down this journey of self discovery, I can’t go any futher without mentioning the people who are Champions in my corner.  Yes like everyone else we all have our flaws that’s what makes us fun, interesting, unique people and at times very frustrating.  This one person above all others in my life played a huge role in help shaping me into this complex personality that is before you today.  Without this person I would cease to exist.  This person complexed, interesting, strong, endearing, sad, broken, magentic, flawed, beautiful, beautiful, my beloved mother.

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