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Hello Social Media Knights, today blog is about that infamous SNL skit of Safelife. We all heard of those infamous Safelife commercials? “Safelife Repair, Safelife Replace” in fact I have had the pleasure of dealing with the Technicians.  I like how quickly they response, how relatively inexpensive they are but most importantly what a convenience.  You probably have no idea why I’m blogging about Safelife, last weekend SNL did a skit, the basis is that commercial but unlike the commercial the Safelife Tech is portrayed as stalking a mother/daughter duo.  Mother and daughter noticed a crack in their windshield as they were on their way to daughters High School Basketball game. Like the commercial, they called Safelife for repairs.  Unlike the commercial, a creepy tech appears played by Beck Bennett.  He fixes the crack and all is well or so we think.


The mother daughter duo again heads out to daughters basketball game and notice a crack in the windshield again they call Safelife again creepy tech comes and this repeats 2 more times.  Coincidence? Nope it’s discovered that creepy tech is putting cracks in the windshield in attempt to spend time with the daughter.  After the daughter declining his advances creepy tech guy then turns his affections towards the mother.  Of course Safelife wasn’t too happy with this portrait of their service techs, even going as far as twitting about it “Thanks for the skit.  Although we can take a joke, this one was too far.  Our techs are our heroes. #NotCool” The next tweet reads “We weren’t involved in creating it and we’re disappointed in @NBCSNL for airing it.”

Of course NBC decline to comment.

Seven months later NBC & SNL quietly removed the Safelife skit from viewing and streaming including on streaming service Hulu.  Entertainment Weekly is one of few that has parts of the skit for viewing.  If you can find than you’re in luck!

Video by Entertainment Weekly (video)


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