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What is Inspiration? To me inspiration is many different things.  To me inspiration is love, friendship, respect, compassion, family, hope and home just to name a few. The reason for this blog post is I had an interesting question posed to me from one of my dearest life-long friend who asked “when you write, is it when the notion strikes you, do you have a schedule, or what do you do?” My response is “I write when I’m inspired.”  As I am now inspired. I got to thinking about Inspiration and the thought process behind the madness.  I am sitting here typing this out listening to Lee Ann Womack “I Hope You Dance” drawing more inspiration, it’s like fate is at foot today.  The lyrics are so inspiring I can’t help but to think of my friendships my relationships the love I have for my champions I say this to Blu-Jasmine “if you get a chance to sit it out or dance I hope you dance.”


As I stated many times in my blogs I write not because I am good at it gosh no, I write because it gives me a peace of mind.  There’s something cathartic, relaxing about getting your thoughts out.  A real good friend once gave me advice that I follow to this day “no matter what I do just write it down, it doesn’t matter if it’s a word a sentence then when your ready visit what you wrote then the words would come together and that’s your blog” and Paulie was correct.  That advice prompt me to get a note-book and my note app and whatever I’m thinking about at the moment I jot it down. If you notices I don’t post blogs on a daily basis, that’s because I usually in the mist of several thoughts and trying to sort them all out.  Doing it this way, I can keep my thoughts or topics on point.  This blog, however, it’s unusual in the since that I writing on the whim.  I’m thinking about this topic and letting the words flow through the keyboard.  My inspiration for this post is of course my BFF Blu-Jasmine.


Blu-Jasmine; Blu is a writer, a very good writer. Her stories are very interesting, very vivid.  She has a lot of experience and lots of inspiration.  She’s a hell of a gamer and I think there’s a story there if not a blog.  I hope someday she would grace us with some of her writings.  I promise you, you won’t be disappointed.  Blu is one of my champion and a beautiful soul that I am honored to have in my corner.
Inspiración; As some of you may know I was once a reality/social media blogger.  My focus was on blogging about reality TV and the stars behind the madness.  I lost touch as to why I started blogging in the first place (please read reparer mon armure! for more details). I’m finding inspiration but most importantly I’m writing on a positive note.  Revealing myself to the masses, and you know it doesn’t matter how many reads, posts, likes or followers I get, it’s all about being true to yourself.  If I can inspire just one person then the journey is worth it.  I always end my blogs with this thought “be creative be kind and drink responsibly” and I truly mean those words.  In the blogging world being creative is key but remember to be kind you don’t have to knock someone on their ass trying to get your point across.  Your opinion is your own, you’re not going to convince anyone any differently so don’t waste your time fighting. You can say what’s on your mind without attacking. Drink responsibly because when you visit your notes and spending time going through those thoughts  first you will think WTF was I thinking next you will try to organize your thoughts at which point you will need a few cocktails so don’t blog and drive.


Wow this is a short blog who would have thought me the big mouth with tons to say manage to say this thought in just a few short words.

Until next time…….

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