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I been a blogger off and on now for about ten years. I have reincarnated myself as many times a Madonna have reinvented herself.  One thing is constant and that’s writing.  I come to the realization that blogging is nothing more than having a conversation with yourself and hoping others join in. Sometimes it’s very difficult to come up with content that holds the reader attention. It takes skills, but in the end if you have your topic or idea of what to write everything kinda just fall into place.  There’s so many talented bloggers or words of wizards to showcase and what better way to showcase this form of art then creating page strickly showcasing some bloggers and their talent for a good real, raw, emotional and funny blogs. is excited to kick off “Featured Bloggers” page starting with these bloggers.  Each month featured bloggers will introduce five new wizards of words showcasing the material that makes these bloggers rockstars!

Speaking of rockstars……


There are different kinds of genre for example music blogs, TV blogs, fashion blogs and lifestyle.  One lifestyle blog I found to be of joy is Life of A Glasgow Girl.  Her blogs are informational, showcasing life and events in and around Glasgow Scotland. Her blogs are fresh and fun to read it makes you want to go to Glasgow.

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Pamela is the mother behind Help Momma Sparkle!  Her story is one of pure inspiration.  Her presentation of each blog beautifully written.  She manage to convey a feeling of softness, while making a point and that’s not only hard to do but that is mad skills.  She truly captured what blogging is all about as seen in her blog “Gifts That Sparkles”.  

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Simply Katricia is a lifestyle blogger with the most.  This New Yorkers has been on the scene since twenty-twelve contributing to NYC Trio blogs. Katricia blogs helps readers naviagate through products from skin care to hair with a natural beauty twist.  Her blogs are very insightful, fun with tons of information.  It’s her inspirational words of wisdom that attracted me Katricia.  Whenever you’re down look to Katricia twitter account to give that boost of pick-me-up.

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I can’t have this featured list without The Boozy Housewife.  Don’t let the name scare you she’s the cocktail fashionista. I can’t say enough good things about Kat.  Her blogs are so fun, vibrant, high energy and full of life. She gives a tasty spin on cocktails and she can make a mean martini.  You will get a blast reading her blogs.  I recommend following her on social media. 

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Craig Hoffman Grey Grizzled, And Gaijin;  It helps to have a community of bloggers/writers that understand what it takes and is willing to lend a hand. I saved the best for last. I can’t complete this list without mentioning a person who has become more of a mentor, helping and advising me on my blogs Craig Hoffman creator of Grey Grizzled, And Gaijin;.  Craig blogs are innovating, intriguing and interesting.  You can’t just read one and move on, with his blogs you crave more.  Craig gives a positive creative take on life in Japan which in itself is wonderful written you get a good sense of what life is like there. His blogs are brilliantly put together leaving you wanting more.  

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I hope you’ll join me in celebrating these wonderful creators of words and support the great work they provide using the #Bloggers.  If you enjoy their work as much as I do please go on social media and send them a shot out.  Feedback is crucial for bloggers if you decide to leave a comment, please be respectful. I hope you are inspired to create.  


Be Kind💜

Be Creative📑

           Drink Responsibly 🍸🚖🚔

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