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Talk About Body Image With Eva Halliday


“How do you actually feel about your own body image, and how does that affect you and your life.”


Eva Halliday is twenty year student from Edinburgh Scotland.  She have spend a few years dealing with her self body image and created intriguing website “Curvely” a body positive blog.

“Yes. Although there’s things about my body I sometimes think about changing, I’ve become much happier with it the last couple of years as I’ve gotten older and healthier. – Finn, 23”


Her blogs tackles the obstacles faced with body shamming and body image, something we all had to deal with at some point in our lives.  Her blogs are real, raw and her approach is innovating.  

Eva is a bright blogger I see great success and this is why she’s my “Featured Blogger”.

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The quotes are from Eva’s blog titled: {20 Guys In Their 20’s Talk About Body Image}


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