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This post is inspired by writing prompt 86 write about something green – enjoy

Green is the color of envy or so they say.  I wear green every day.  Ask me if I’m green with envy and I would say HELL YES.  I’m green with envy trying to pick the winning lotto numbers I can’t seem to buy.  I’m green with envy at a job that don’t I’m alive.  Sitting at a desk day in and day out mindless nothing not even messing about.  Working for a wage that barely covers the rent.  Living here in this expensive hell you’re better off spending you pennies on a tent.  It’s the uber driver who takes you on a ride to voodoo land.  Either stopping a few feet ahead taking the next fare behind you or driving the most indirect routes you sitting in the back watching the money run out.


Green isn’t only the color envy enjoys its also the color mother nature adores. She loves green so much look at what she did painting the forest floor emerald, watering the seeds making them grow.  You can see the emerald shine magnificently from the earth, just look how high the trees are, their tops towering over the hills giving a show.  Swaying back and forth in the wind on full display whispering, talking how much more can they say?  Mother nature didn’t stop there, look at the long tall green grass.  The tall Pampas grass stretching it’s flowers as high as can be, trying to get mother nature’s attention from the trees.  Beautiful and bold the color of green grows and grows.  Many different representation of the color green.  Light to dark and all in between.  Green can get down with the rest showing off its own colorful rainbow.  One more trick mother nature has up her sleeve.  This one involves a little guy who is bold as they can be. Shh, take a closer look you might see the a Leprechaun surfing the rainbow to the end searching for his pot of gold.

la fin

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