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JESSICA JONES Season Three Review


Hello all you beautiful bloggers, writers, reviewers and souls of words today post is my first review on Netflix Jessica Jones. I am a huge fan of comics and anime. It’s rare to find a female superhero who is on pare with her male contemporaries. Jessica Jones is one of two female superheros from the world of Marvel comics I adore. I am very excited to write my first review. For those who aren’t familiar Jessica Jones is from Marvel of the late nineties early two-thousand. Yes Stan Lee Marvel. She comes from the imaginary minds of Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. What makes Jessica Jones special? Jones isn’t like any other super hero. She wasn’t born with her powers but survived a car accident in which her recovery cause her to be experimented on. With her I don’t care attitude and new found powers makes for great adventures.


I am your friend, I am your master, I am your villain. Hello this is your introduction to Marvel’s most sinister villain Kilgrave played by David Tennant. David gives a stunning performance as you are convinced of Kilgrave abilities to control minds. Kilgrave is sexy and seductive, the brave of brave has fell to Kilgrave seduction including fellow friend and super hero Nick Cage played by Mike Colter. Any woman or man who is in Kilgrave present would melt. This attraction between Jones and Kilgrave lead our hero down a dark side. Coming to terms with what she has done under Kilgrave thumb, Jessica leaves the world of super heroism behind and embark on a life as a private investigator. Season one focus on Jessica journey as she comes face to face with Kilgrave, a past that has come back to hunt and life in the aftermath of Kilgrave.
Season One gets three 👍👍👍


Your secret is save with me or is it? Season two main focus is a secret that has the potential to destroy Jessica Jones world. Jessica learns that her mother Alisa Jones played by Janet Mcteer have survived the car crash that took her father and brother lives. Jessica also learned that her mother was in the same facilities to recover from the accident , she too was experimented on. The secret goes deeper. Meanwhile Malcolm Jessica employee and neighbor decides he wants more and goes to work for attorney to the slum Jeri Hogarth. Jessica learns the true about her mother dealings and questions her mental state. Trish plays a dangerous game. Fueled by jealousy, Trish become obsessed with obtaining super powers. Trish is convinced that if she had super powers she can stop the bad guys. In attempt to save her friend Jessica tries in vain to teach Trish that there’s responsibilities and consequences that comes with having powers. Trish blinded by her jealousy commits the ultimate betrayal leading the mother daughter duo into dark path in which one will not return.
Season two gets three 👍👍👍


We don’t need another hero as season three picks up literally where season two left off with Trish and Jessica at odds because what Trish did to Alisa. Trish learning how to adapt with powers and embark on a justice filled crusade (predictable). Malcolm the top investigator working for Jeri starts to question his moral code (predictable). Jeri coming to terms with immortality, manipulates the situation to win back her former lover Kith Cyonne (predictable). Enter two new characters, Erik Gelden who has the power to sense bad in people. Erik blackmails those who he deems to be very bad. The second character is serial murder Gregory Salinger. Gregory is the quintessential killer. He’s an effective killing machine who is obsessed with Jessica.


Salinger story line in my opinion is the saving grace to otherwise a drab and uninteresting season three. It seems like the writers and producers did little to make a splash but did enough to quence the fans thirst. This is the final season of this beloved character. I would have like to see her go out in a blaze of glory then in a whimper. Jessica spent most of the thirteen part series crying and feeling sorry for her loss. This is a comic book heroine. We don’t need her to be human we need her to be a hero who showcase her super powers. Of course there’s moments where you get the joke or you see Jessica flex her muscle but it far and few in between. The opportunity to make a big exit is missed.
Season three gets 👎👎👎


All three seasons are streaming now on Netflix.

Season Three Cast
Jessica JonesKrysten Ritter
Trish WalkerRachael Taylor
Malcolm DucasseEka Darville
Jeri HogarthCarrie Anne Moss
Erik GeldenBenjamin Walker
Kith GyonneSarita Choudhury
Gregory SalingerJeremy Bobb
Zaya Okonjo- Tiffany Mack


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