Original Post Date: July 28, 2021


I often quote famous movies that inspire my soul, for example “Let Good Thoughts Be Your Sword and Shield” Vida Boheme Too Wong Foo Thanks For Everything Julie Newmar. Or “I’m Sorry But Earth Is Closed Today” Iron Man/Tony Stark Avengers Infinity War. In some strange way these quotes often tell a tale of how I’m feeling, you know, very relatable. Stick with me on this. I promise it will make sense in the end. Hello I’m Sunny Larue known as the Professional Martini Drinking Blogger and today’s blog post is inspired by relatable quotes.

I have been on terror as of late, trying desperately to articulate what’s going on inside my head and heart and I feel like I’m losing this battle. To be more relatable in conversations, I started quoting famous movie quotes. I figured that if I spoke a language that people can understand then my incoherent thoughts will be more relatable.


We all know this quote too well but as of late I have been doing just this unlearning what I have learned. To translate this at least for me it means to look at myself differently. Instead of seeing a loser, useless and uninteresting woman I now look at the reflection and see a beautiful broken person. It’s okay to feel broken but it’s not okay to think of one self as less than. I also learned that who you portray yourself as is what the world will see therefore you’ll be treated in such negative fashion. This quote also represents gaining confidence in your ability to navigate through the muddy waters of life. When you spend all your teenage and adult lives believing that you’re useless or a loser, it’s hard to think in any other way, especially training your mind to overcome these negative ideas. Unlearning what you have learned it’s very powerful thing.


I have such rage and anger building up inside. I’m angry at the current state of affairs  personally, nationally and globally. Twenty-twenty has been a year of loss, hurt, pain, rage and disappointment. Twenty-twenty one is shaping up to be the same. How do you overcome such tragedy? I harken back to Empire Strikes Back where Luke Skywalker faces his fear of becoming Darth Vader. Luke failed that test in the cave. I feel like humanity has failed that test in the cave. Over half of million Americans and counting are dead or dying due to covid and still people refuse to take a shot or to wear a mask trying so desperately to justify logic in a world that’s insane. I call this the “Joker Syndrome”. And it didn’t help that Darth Vader (Trump) sent his stormtroopers to invade the Capitol. As if some magical wand will erase the votes of the alleged stolen election. Where more people unfortunately lost their lives defending our constitution. I don’t know how to stop being angry. I’m tired of hearing about getting back to normal. What is normal? There is no normal.  It’s only Covid, it’s only Lord Vader’s lies.


Hope is a blank canvas. This canvas is yet to be designed. There’s colors of the rainbow and fine lines to be drawn but it’s up to us on how hope will play out. 

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  1. My oldest had to go to therapy because of her hatred and anger over Darth Vader and what was going on with this country. She is better now having learned coping mechanisms on how to channel it. Me, I don’t watch the news. I can’t. xoxo

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