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Badass Blogger Award


Hello all your champions of words, today I’m excited and humbled to be a nominee of the “Badass Blogger Award”. This nomination comes from a fellow blogger who creates beautiful words of inspiration Latisha of Renew Inspiration. It’s always a happy surprise to have bloggers use their platform to create awards recognizing other writers in the blogging community.

Badass Blogger Award and Creator

The “Badass Blogger Award” is a creation of Katie, the creator of the Dating Bitch website. Katie created this award to shine the spotlight on interesting and intriguing writers of the blogging community. Inspiring a support system within the blogging community. Thank you Katie for being such a Badass.

Appreciation and Thank You

Thank you Latisha for using your platform to not only inspire bloggers to continue on their journey but always spreading love and light. Your support to the blogging community is priceless.

And a personal thank you for the nomination. To read Latisha beautiful words check out her blog (Renew Inspiration). Follow Latisha on twitter (@renewa_lporter08)

The Rules

Latisha’s Questions

My Answers

My Nominees

Al @AlBellGetsIt (The Watering Whole)
Brie @BrieCayne (Brie Lily Cayne)
Catherine @Irishgirl692 (Shatter The Silence)
Craig @CraigHoffman11 (GREY, GRIZZLED, AND GAIJIN)
John @BipolarBattle (The Bipolar Battle)
Mary @MaryBlyeKramer (Mary Blye Kramer)
Teresa Terry Jefferies @JefferiesTerry (JOYS, BLESSINGS, AND POETRY)
Tony @tonyburgess1969 (The Tony Burgess Blog)

My Questions

Thank you again Latisha for the nomination and to my nominees congratulations! I can’t wait to read your responses.

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