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Little, furry, cuddly and cute. Just a ball of energy with a huge personality the love of my life is . I never thought I would ever feel this type of love for anyone or thing. Her happiness, her life depends on me and in return I have her unequivocal love. I can be the meanest to the nicest no matter what face I’m showing she loves me completely whole. Hello all you wizards of words, today blog is about finding love in a unexpected space.


My niece struggles with seizures because of this she and her family decided to get an “emotional support animal”. I understand why she got a support animal. “B-Doggie” has been very good for her. B-Doggie is there to sound the alarm when she has seizures. I thought maybe there’s something to this. Maybe this could work for someone who struggling with mental health. As I did research this is what Doctor say to the benefits of having an emotional support animal”.

Armed with this information, I’m ready to research dog breeds and finding that perfect fit.


In my research of dog breeds I found that I learned towards French Bulldogs or Frenhcie if you will. They’re little with big personalities and very cute. Perfect size for apartment living. I reviewed the pros and cons and decided that this is the dog breed for me. I started to save money because Frenchies are expensive. Something unexpectant happen. My niece Steppie was finding homes for chihuahua puppies and had a male pup. I agreed to take one and ended up with “Little Bit” aka Franz Rocket Skywalker. A big name for a little pup. He’s beautiful. However, I didn’t do my research on Chihuahua so I was unaware of their health issue with low blood sugar. As time past I started to notice Little Bit warble walk. After vets visits it was determined that he suffered from low blood sugar. Eventually this will cost him his life. After Little Bit I vowed not to have any pets. The stress of watching something so tiny and innocent pass was traumatic and the whole purpose is to relive stress and symptoms.


After losing Little Bit I was devastated. But then something extraordinary happened. There’s one pup left from the litter. She’s the runt and nobody wanted her because she’s tiny and deformed. My niece sent photos on look I was in love. This little big ball of energy is force to be dealt with. This dog don’t care about size or her disability. She does everything a dog of any size do. Fearless attitude I had to give her a name that stands out, a name that fits her personality. Shine bright like a Diamond and that she does. To be truly honest I had a name in mind my favorite Prince song “Diamonds & Pearls”. Everyone meet little sassy Diamond Pearl Leia.


The benefit of someone struggling with mental health owning a pet can be enormous. Here’s food for thought, pet ownership is like the best thing ever. To build a positive relationship with another being that depends on you for happiness and health is out of this world. It’s the next best thing to having a child. I can’t imagine my life without Diamond Pearl Leia. She’s the reason why my view is different. No matter how many rainy days or cloudy days or sunshine’s Diamond will always be there pushing me to be the best I can be and that’s a good thing.

If you are struggling with mental health please consult your Doctor or Therapist before taking on a pet. If you’re interesting in adopting a pet, please reach out to your local pet shelter for assistance.

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