Tonight I close my eyes and dream a little dream of you. I see you dancing like a tiny firefly.  I reach out to you, you taking my hand planting a gentle kiss “my lady” sweeping me off dancing in a wonderland of beauty.  Around and around we go the butterflies and lady bugs a little envy joins us in the mystical joyful wonderland delight. I see your handsome smile, I hear your heavy laughter, I smell your aftershave my gosh you are so beautiful, I am lost in you. The night sky blue and purple the stars twinkle like perfect white diamonds as you and I dance the night away. All I want is this moment. All I is to be here with you together forever in this perfect paradise.


Spinning around you look into my eyes with that devilish smile and say “my love it’s time to say goodbye.” My heart pounding as if it wants to hop out of my chest my eyes fills with tears mouthing the words my love I don’t want to say goodbye.  My love plants a gentle kiss on my forehead “I love you it’s not so bad here.”  Wait  Wait I mouth please don’t leave me here.  “My love, I will be right here where the heart is waiting for you.  Goodbye isn’t forever.”  


I open my eyes awaking to the quiet. The nothingness fills the stale air. I awake to the isolation of my house now a prison to the memory that once was. Walking through this empty house that was once filled with joy, laughter and love is now filled with emptiness. The life I once knew is gone. This is what it means to say goodbye. Oh how I hate that word.

This short story is inspired by Writing Prompt #39 Saying Goodbyes.

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