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Snow starts falling gently turning the cobblestone ground from brown to white. Winter is here you can feel it in the air. Cool crisp gentle breeze blows from northern heights to southern low whispering seasons greetings as it goes. Dancing in this winter white wonderland kids playing in the snow, ice skaters ballerina draws a figure eight then turning spinning fast, faster nails a perfect stick. Little Timmy making snow Angel’s with Lloyd & Bo letting out giggles in delight as they watch their breath freeze in the brisk air. Ding, dong the church bells rings in the new hour, mother say “it’s time for lunch my child” off we go on our adventure.


Thomas Kinkade photo

Market street is just ahead, you can see the Christmas lights off in the distance twinkling like little diamonds in the sky. I can hear the sweet sound of carolers singing holiday songs classics. They’re standing on the corner in front of Mr. Alex’s K candy store singing a favorite holiday tune; 🎶 Caroling, caroling now we go Christmas bells are ringing Caroling, caroling through the snow Christmas bells are ringing Joyous voices sweet & clear sing the sad of heart to cheer sing, ding, dong Christmas bells are ringing. 🎶


Thomas Kinkade photo

Finally mom & I made it to the center of town on Market street. At town hall people are gathered to watch the forty foot Christmas tree go up. Santa bells rings in the background as he & his little helpers pass our a bags of chocolate joy. “Ho, ho Merry Christmas” he yells out “come get some treats.” The storefronts filled with Holiday shoppers bags & bags of presents gripped tightly in their hands. Walking a long people out & about greeting each other “happy holidays ” with rose’s blushed red cheeks offering up a smile in the cool brisk air. Mom & I finished our shopping now its time eay. As we walk a long to my delightful eyes I see this guy could it be? Yes it is I drop my packages running falling deeply into his arms Santa made my wish come true all I want for Christmas is you Dad.


The short story was inspired by story of a child missing her Dad who was deployed overseas for five years. When he left his daughter was five now ten this little diva asked Santa for a miracle, she asked Santa the only Christmas gift she wants is her Dad to come home.


Screenshot_20181222-230418_ChromeFrom me & my family to you and your family wishing you a Merry Christmas & a safe Happy New Year  here’s hoping that 2019 would be successful, beautiful & enjoyable year. ☃️🎄


be KIND💜






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