This beautiful white lives in a place that dances in the spotlight, where there’s no sound only myself to face. This beautiful white my only companion constantly holds me in contempt, all the way to my end. Holding my hand like my dearest of friend, we have a giggle or two reminded of a life that once was. Here in this place unrecognizable colors puts on a show waiting for that final applause, curtain call & off we go. Performing the final act, I fall deeper into my darkness. Watching the bright lights of my world fades like a final act in a movie. This beautiful white my new best friend shows me a signa allowing me to crack a grin. “You’ll be okay” speaks the voice within this white guiding me towards the dawns spotlight. Ever so gently, ever so sweet the voice whisper “you have nothing to fear” bring my spirit to a calm. My beautiful white my savor, my rescuer saves me from the heaviness of the darks plight. My champion of the night gives way to the strength I never knew. The strength to close these weary eyes set to sleep. A deep slunder that is so profound it’s comforting, it’s peaceful & it’s sound.


My beautiful white holding my hand so tightly walks me through the spotlight. Revealing a short life that lived so long, a life so beautiful all the way to the end. Here in the spotlight I fear not, here there’s no pain, or anger. Lying in this bed trapped, paralyzed in this body forever twenty-one, my beautiful white won’t allow me to lose because I haven’t yet won. It doesn’t have to be this way your mind & your soul is intact you must stay. Flying through the stages of a life so young I realize my life has just only begun. I have so much living yet to do & with guidance of my beautiful white shining bright standing tall. I see it all now it’s come quite clear, I belong here & I will stay. Although my body is paralyzed from the neck down, my mind my soul has a lot left to be told. There’s a story behind this why I’m this way, here’s my message & its a simple one don’t drink & drive! Don’t text & drive! Don’t be a distracted driver! You will save lives.


This short story is based upon a news article I read about a driver who was distracted playing on his phone sideswiping a car. The driver who is 18 years old on her way to her birthday surprise was paralyzed from the neck down.  We all have been distracted drivers at some point but now with social media texting it’s more important that we realize we pay attention to what we’re doing because we can save lives. 


be kind💜

be creative 📑

drink responsibly 🍸🚕🚓