“THE RAIN” Season 2 Review

Netflix blockbuster mega hit “The Rain” is streaming the second season. The Danish post apocalyptic drama follows sister and brother duo Simone, Rasmus their friends Martin, Patrick, Lea and Jean on their quest to find a cure for the virus. Season two picks up where season one left off, the group running from hostile Apollon trained military. Receiving vital information from Dr. Frederik Andersen “Dad”, Simone Andersen the unlikely antagonist, is convinced there’s a cure for her brother Rasmus Andersen. It’s Simone love, dedication and desperation for her brother that puts the entire group at risk.

Season Two a six part episode starts off fast, literally picking up from the end of season one. We see the group attempts to evade capture and seek shelter within the compounds of Apollon. With the information Dr. Andersen provided them, the group teams up with another group of rebels trapped within the compounds of Apollon. Episodes two through four was a bit slow and boring. We are introduced to new characters which brings an element of excitement and the backstories are remarkable, its the relationships and the dynamic shifts within the group Simone, Martin, Patrick, Lea and Jean proven to be predictable and boring.

Season two isn’t all about Simone and Martin relationship. Little brother and host to the virus Rasmus steps out of the shadows and into the spotlight in a big way. We see Rasmus struggling with the virus and isolation. Longing to be normal to have a normal kind of life in a world that is turned upside is heartbreaking. You truly feel bad for Rasmus. Lucas performance is one of Emmy worthy. He really capture the true essence of Rasmus loneliness. Although he’s surrounded by people, Rasmus is alone living with the virus in ways that no one can understand. It’s this loneliness that drives Rasmus down a path that he might not be able to come back from.


There’s no spoiler alert here you want to know what happens to Simone, Rasmus, Martin, Patrick, Lea, Jean and meet the new characters you just have to watch. For more “The Rain” click on the link. “Netflix 30 day subscription

The Cast:
Simone Andersen sister (Alba August)
Rasmus Andersen brother (Lucas Lynggard Tønnesen)
Martin (Mikkel Følsgaard)
Patrick (Lukas Løkken)
Lea (Jessica Dinnage)
Jean (Sonny Lindberg)
Dr. Frederik Andersen father (Lars Simonsen)
Apollon Leader Sten (Johannes Bah Kuhnke)

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