Hello freedom writers, today blog is one that I am proud of because I am a nominee of the Liebster Award. I am grateful that the blogging community find my writings interesting and intriguing. My nomination comes by way of a brilliant blogger who just happen to be my spiritual sister Latisha.


Renew Inspiration Mind, Body, Soul

Latisha award winning blog Renew Inspiration Mind, Body, Soul is just that inspirational. Her writings bring a refreshing positive vibe while encouraging positivity. Follow her blog and don’t forget to subscribe. You can follow her social media (renew_lporter08). Thank you Latisha for being such a positive force in the blogging community.


The Liebster Award

The award is a way to be discovered but also to connect and support the blogging community. A great idea in promoting your own blog and others. For detail information check out “Aboard American” article.



  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions that blogger gave their nominees.
  • Provide 10 random facts about yourself.
  • Ask your nominees questions of your own.
  • List the rules in your post
  • Once you have written and published your post, inform your nominees of their nomination.


Ten Random Facts About Me

  • I have written a movie script and two TV treatments that got rejected numerous times.
  • I was in a rock band in the late 80’s.
  • The band I was in played in Battle of the Bands sadly we lost.
  • My first rock concert was Queen.
  • I use to work at thrifty’s behind the ice cream counter.
  • I live in Los Angeles county and haven’t been to the beach in almost 6 years.
  • I once dressed up as a Sleetak the lizard character from 70’s Land of the Lost.
  • I met Joan Rivers.
  • I met Tom Cruise.
  • I met Rick Allen of Def Leppard at work which that encounter almost got me fired.


Latisha’s Questions

โ€ข What do you enjoy writing or blogging about?
A- I enjoy blogging about my life experiences dealing with my mental disorder.
โ€ข What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?
A- I enjoy reading horror and suspense novels
โ€ข Where do you like to write?
A- I don’t have any particular place to write. Whenever the moods strikes I write.
โ€ข Do you visit your local library often?
A- Not as often as I have in past, but this summer more than 20 times.
โ€ข What do you use to stay organized?
A- I use post-it-notes my calendar and my journal for entry to stay organized.
โ€ข Do you have any pets?
A- yes I have Qtipdoggie who has her own twitter account.
โ€ข What is your favorite color?
A- I have two Green and Purple.
โ€ข Do you enjoy traveling?
A- Yes, in fact I’m excited about upcoming trip to Scotland.
โ€ข Where do you prefer to exercise?
A- I have a gym membership I don’t use because I’m often walking out in malls or at cemeteries.
โ€ข Have you written a book?
A- I’m currently in the process of writing.
โ€ข What are your writing goals?
A- Be able to publish a book, and be a successful full time writer living in Europe.


Questions For The Nominees

  1. Favorite color?
  2. Favorite time of the year?
  3. Favorite movie villain?
  4. Favorite love song?
  5. What came first the Chicken of the Egg?
  6. If you can have your own theme song what song would you chose?
  7. If stranded on a island what three things you would want to have?
  8. Who’s faster the Rabbit or the Turtle?
  9. When was the last time you cried?
  10. If you can turn back time to your 19 year old self what advice would you give?
  11. What is your biggest motivation for blogging/writing?




Thank you again Latisha for the shout out. Follow Latisha and these other wizards of words on social and blogs don’t forget to subscribe.

Don’t be afraid to discovery new things.

Until next time….


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