Hello February 2019 FEATURED BLOGGERS

Hello Kings & Queens of the Social Media, this is the start of a new year & a start to a new adventure for my blogging website.  As I grow deeper into this beautiful community of blogging, I’m finding some amazing bloggers, writers & storytellers that produces inspiring material.  This post is about showcasing these wonderful wizards or words.  Please join me in celebrating them & their writings.


Blogging is nothing more than having a conversation with yourself and inviting others to join in.  This whole scenario is a scary.  It’s difficult to start a thought then taking that thought turning it into a comprehensible conversation that readers would enjoy.  These group of bloggers took that scary first step and produce some amazing material. 


Anneli Roberts is a bright fun bloggers that is one hundred percent REAL.  She’s an advocate for Mental Health, bring awareness & enlightenment even sharing her own struggles.  Anneli isn’t afraid to put herself out & this is one of the reason why I love her blogs. 


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