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Today’s post is centered around the intriguing writing prompt number 207 – write about misery. This writing prompt will take us on a journey of exploration, uncovering the darkness that resides within us all and culminating in a powerful lesson about the importance of fighting back against misery. In this writing prompt, we encounter Misery – a force that invades the body, mind, and soul, spreading its disease of despair, depression, and addiction until there is nothing left. But there is hope. Through the strength, determination, and self-worth of those who have escaped Misery’s grasp, we learn that it is possible to overcome this darkness within us. Join us as we delve into the depths of Misery and explore the power of resilience, compassion, and creativity. But be warned – this writing prompt may challenge you to confront the darkness within yourself and to take responsible steps towards healing and growth.


Hello my name is Misery have we met? Yes we have in fact we were introduced by a mutual friend hatred. Oh that’s swell but as I remember you barely know me so let me give you a history about myself. As I stated I am Misery, I am like cancer that grows and fester right to the heart of men. You can not defeat me because I am learned process that takes years to master. Unlike leeches who will suck you dry eventually letting go or like snakes striking swiftly, quickly leaving death instantly, I take my time. I slowly invade your body, your mind, your soul spreading my disease to every single part of your body until there’s nothing left. I don’t know of compassion, empathy, love, respect, nor do I care. I only know despair, depression, addiction and of course my old friend hatred. Fight me, I will bring you to your knees. What do they say about me? “Misery loves company!” I will admit some people have escape my grasp. Those who have escape are very strong, powerful, determined and know their self-worth. Most of you aren’t that powerful unwilling to overcome me allowing me to continue to spread.  Now that we been properly introduced;

The lesson of this story is just because misery loves company doesn’t mean you have to accept the invite.

Be Kind

Be Creative

Be Responsible


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