Hello all you wonders of words, today blog post is about nomination for the Blogger Recognition Award. This my third nomination comes as a surprise. I must say out of all the awards circulating around the blogging community this award means so much because this award is given by bloggers in support of other bloggers in the blogging/writing community. This nomination comes from a brilliant blogger, champion, warrior and friend Diana and her blog thislifeasD. I can’t say enough good things about her incredible blog. I am humble and gracious to be nominated in such good company many thanks to Diana. Read Diana response TheBloggerRecoginitionAward-Dianaand follow Diana on social media tislifeasD.


“Rules of The Blogger Recognition Award”

Rule 1.- Write a post to show your award.
Rule 2.- Acknowledge the blogger who nominated you.
Rule 3.- Give a brief story of why you started your blog.
Rule 4.- Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
Rule 5.- Nominate 15 or more blogger who deserve the award.


Why I Started This Blog

I was diagnosed as a manic depressive today known as bipolar in my teens. As a result, I was often the target of bullying. Being an outcast I often found comfort in writing. My writings started as song lyrics then turned into poetry which morphed into blogs which I share today. In all the darkness finding my voice helped me deal with my mental disorder. I can finally share what life is like for a struggling manic depressive.


My Advice

My advice is simple really, for those new bloggers welcome to our community and secondly blogging is about heart and soul. There’s no room for competition. Blogging allows yourself the freedom to explore your inter-emotions. Raw, sad, happy all of these emotions are important and should be reflected in your writing after all the best inspiration is YOU! Being real as possible will give readers the insight as to who you really are. As I said before honestly is the best policy.


And The Nominees Are…….

Follow the nominees on the social media accounts and website. Don’t forget to subscribe. Again thank you Diana for always showing bloggers love.

Until next time……

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  1. Hi Sunny! I enjoyed reading your post and also am thankful that through it I’m getting to discover lots of other talented bloggers- I followed them all!!

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