Screenshot_20181223-003629_GoogleKee-a-boo I see you, I’m hiding a surprise. Putting my hands over my face then popping them out all over the place.  Gracefully I sit on dad lap playing my favorite game of cat-and-mouse. Daddy likes to put one hand over his eyes I guess it makes sense his hands are big like a slices of apple pie. Mommy hands are smaller so she uses both to cover her eyes no cheating, no peeking or you’ll see the surprise.


Screenshot_20181223-003554_GoogleKee-a-boo I see you, opening my eyes wide seeing everyone inside then closing them tight again. Mommy counts 1,2,3,4,5 opening her hands from her face, “surprise”. Her surprise is kissing me on my left eye.  Kee-a-boo I see you, my cat licks me in the face & runs underneath to her special hiding place. Hiding out is what Sassy is all about I guess she doesn’t like the surprise.  Kee-a-boo I see you, “Spud come her boy”. My doggy Spud usually he’s covered in mud. He too runs & hides. He’s a dirty dog who rolls around on his back scratching his hairs on the stairs. He runs from my brother who gives him baths. Always splashing, always crying longing to roam in the mud. Spud doesn’t do much of anything not even playing my favorite game.


Screenshot_20181223-005302_GoogleKee-a-boo I see you, the day has faded from white to blue. “Its bedtime” Mommy says. Daddy grabs my hand, up we go running up the stairs putting on a show. “One Last Time” daddy before I sleep. “One last time & please don’t peak”.  Kee-a-boo I see you, as I remove my hands from my face I feel my eyes kind of fall out of place. “Not out of place” Daddy says, “you little silly goose.”  “Your eyes are growing heavy because your tired.  It’s time to sleep. Tomorrow, I promise we’ll play the game of peak & seek.” I let out a little giggle, Daddy is so funny with his words peak & seek.  Daddy kisses me on my chin as he tucks me in. Whispering “I love you to the moon & back & beyond now go to sleep goodnight as he turns off the lights “Goodnight.”  Night Daddy.

Kee-a-boo I see you, Mister Moon are you ready to play?๐ŸŒ›


This short story is inspired by my two-year-old great-niece nickname Bird. Bird loves to play games her favorite is you guest it Kee-a-boo.  It’s amazing to see her grow, watch her learn, having fun & giving us that devilish beautiful smile. I love this little girl with all of my heart & this little short is dedicated to her the child with a wild heart.๐Ÿ’•


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